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  1. :-)

    Sonar 8

    I'm a complete idiot when it comes to music software. If there is anyone that's willing to give me a complete run through of just the basics of recording audio pleas PM me. I really want to start recording some of my songs but i don't know how to even record a simple audio track with Sonar 8. i have a inspire pre amp and i've followed the help instructions inside Sonar and i've got Sonar imput 1 to inspire left/mic and the output is "master". as you can tell i'm a complete idiot and i would greatly appreciated it if someone could help me. i could even hook someone up with maybe $20-$25 bucks if they post a run-through video on youtube for me or something.
  2. what happeneds if he never even said this and we just spent 7 pages hating on him for no reason.
  3. i thought this was a joke he is seriously tired of Radiohead?
  4. hes got those shoes on again. a lot of my songs are aggregated like this, am i a RADIOHEAD COPYCAT?! oh and the song is in drop D. a lot of mine are in drop D too.
  5. open the flood gates has a lot of potential
  6. i know this has absolutely nothing to do with this thread but i can't wait till they go on tour again
  7. that has some really good parts in it and some parts i was not feeling but... where can i download the music? if i can that is. one effect in that song is one i use a lot with my synth.
  8. alright someone needs to show me a way to play I've got a Women by Ray Charles on the piano because I would like to do a cover of it an being the unprofessional, lackadaisical musician that i am i would like someone to show me how to play it.
  9. :-)

    New Zealand

    i wish i was in NZ.
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