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  1. It can be anything, pretty much. I primarily compose in MIDI, but I can edit audio also. I'll send you a PM with some contact information.
  2. I'm doing a project for class, it's actually a big project, it's my capstone course, and I wanted to do collaborations with people online. I've already got a few going, but I need to get as much done as possible. Since I post here.. I wouldn't say frequently, but I'm here sometimes, I thought this would be the best place to ask. Anybody up for a collaboration? I have Facebook, Skype, we can message here, whatever. I'm trying to get a total of six tracks (meaning six collaborations), but if something falls through I need backups. Also, it'd be cool to make music with some of the people here. From the compilations and competitions, it's pretty easy to see there's a lot of talent here.
  3. I don't know how you all are flying through these, covering music is very difficult for me. XD ihggy, are you going to get enough for a competition still?
  4. I'm going to have to drop out of this one. I look forward to voting during the competition, though! As for why I'm dropping out, I just have too much stuff going on at once, I won't be able to get this track finished, let alone the second one.
  5. Thanks! I'm surprised I finally finished something after a year of not getting anywhere with anything. Hopefully this bodes well for the year.
  6. Released a new song today.
  7. Is there a general guideline to when we should have everything ready to go? Just asap?
  8. This is awesome. I wrote Backdrifts for saxophone once, I thought I had the market on weird arrangements of Backdrifts. This is better by a clear margin.
  9. This wtf pedal: http://lalweb.com/ax/ax-e.html And these wtf microtonal MIDI controllers: http://www.h-pi.com/TPX28buy.html Don't give me money, it will go to stupid crap only I would enjoy.
  10. dead pigeon, I remember that name, yeah. Just send me a pm on here with either the links or email or however you want to do it. cartwheels, awesome. Send it my way whenever it's ready.
  11. Cool, thanks! There are a lot of amazing artists here, hopefully some of them still hang around. And I'd be glad to help any of them with mixing.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't listen to music like this very often, so I don't know what to tell you. It doesn't sound bad, I just don't have much exposure to jungle, mostly just d&b.
  13. I sell it prepackaged at the retail place I work. I could try putting it in the paint shaker if that helps.
  14. Hi, I'm a bright-eyed dreams-crushed Entertainment Technology student, and I want to mix music. I know you have music. Let me mix it. Let me mix that music. Mostly if you have some stuff you didn't know how to mix, or you don't have time, or you're not good at it, whatever, I need the practice and it's something I've been doing unprofessionally for a while anyway, so you might even be able to use the result. I'd prefer separate tracks as I wouldn't be able to do much to an all-together mix other than attempt really bad mastering at it.
  15. Cool, I'm not an artist by any stretch, but I'm glad there's a thread for it.
  16. I just realized that this forum has had a lot of music competitions, but have there been any similar things for the other creative arts? I know people post poetry and art on here as well. Seems a shame to leave them out of the big events. Although it would be difficult to judge music against photography, we already have enough trouble judging between the various styles on this board anyway.
  17. Yeah, go ahead! Part of my reasoning behind this was to get people to use new intervals because I personally have fun learning new things and wanted to share that with others. If you come up with anything cool, post it! I'll definitely listen to it. As long as I remember to log in. (I tend to forget for a while)
  18. Sounds good. Since I was tasked with it, I was going to try to set it up, but you'r right about the reception the last one got. The entries were amazing, but maybe another comp really is asking too much.
  19. I don't know people's reasons for not participating, as I made a competition I would want to be in. Don't worry all, the autumn comp will just be normal entries.
  20. Didn't get any entries so far. I guess it was either too restrictive or interest was too low. Hopefully the autumn comp will do better.
  21. All right, I don't want to leave the submission date up in the air, but I can't have a compilation until I have songs for it, so I'll just leave it open for now.
  22. Based on the schedule, submissions close this Saturday. Since I haven't gotten any feedback so far, I'm thinking that means I need to push the date?
  23. Anybody got something to report? I was going to do my song with recorded instruments, but I decided to do a chip style song. I might still transition into real instruments, but the percussion uses a pretty cool technique where the drum sound actually comes from interrupting the bass synth, and I can only get that sound from chip style afaik.
  24. So, uh, hi. Me and music lately have had some difficulty together. I don't have a lot finished, so here's a mixtape style random smattering of stuff I've done recently, mostly unfinished, mostly ideas, some intended to be a new album, some intended I have no idea what. First link is to the "real version". It has real instruments. The other link is to the "robot does my homework" version, which is my electronic stuff. Why did I split it into categories? Because red pandas exist and I can't hug them. Real version: link Blue version Robot Does My Homework version: hyperlink Links go to SoundCloud because their name is in camel case and people use them apparently. I'm uploading this because the way my process is working right now, I don't think anybody will hear any of this and some of this is REALLY COOL AND STUFF.
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