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  1. I'd vote for There There, if it were there... I went through a bad phase with a girl and listening to that song, it really did not help.
  2. Guess that was just to fool us into listening to the whole show. Certainly isn't Thom right now. I hope they play the full setlist uninterrupted...
  3. Thanks. I found mel@waste via a whois of waste.uk.com, but I haven't had a response from that email address as of yet.
  4. Could anyone please give me an email address from which I'd get something better than an automated response? I sent this: and received this: What the shit? I hardly think w.a.s.t.e is such a vast operation that they can't even be bothered to read their emails. The Advice page, inevitably, was useless. Not to mention I read it before sending my original email. Any pointers would be great. And no.
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