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  1. when DITNU got played live there was like a 10-15 sec bit where he was basically doing lead vocals as he had to do the "wont you be my girl" so Thom could sing over it soon afterwards. that's probably as close as he'll get
  2. listen to the lines beginning at around 1:35 - that is not Thom, never has his voice sounded like that. it's a decent impersonator but it isn't him, I'm honestly surprised at how many people are sure that it is him
  3. I just tried it, they sound terrible played together. I don't get why you'd try this anyway, find a new band to listen to
  4. it's not really possible to do that though, this stuff is far too subjective. I did kind of feel a bit of a fraud getting through to round 2 when so many songs that were far better got knocked out in round 1, but there's no fair or kind way of grouping up "weak" competitors to face eachother
  5. i'm kind of relieved I lost because those are the only 2 decent songs I have
  6. few people saying they want the vocals louder, i purposely didn't have them loud as I was trying to make it sleepy and dreamy so kinda thought the vocals should be subdued and hazy. was pretty much trying to rip off grouper I think. Perhaps they are a bit too quiet though
  7. man hannah just writes the craziest songs, and they're beautiful. Amazing style and I am exceptionally jealous
  8. I think in this round Tristan's song was worse than before and emoticonman's better. Both are still really good though, just feel emoticonman's gone up a notch here. The drums coming in is absolutely killer.
  9. yeah i still fully intend to listen to them all and vote and my guess is others do too they're just not as sharp about it as before maybe
  10. this dude's vocals are like nickelback or something, doing it wrong. Shame because the rest of the cover is good
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