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  1. This album has blown me away. Not at all what I was expecting. Thought it was gonna be In Rainbows V2. I will be listening to this album for a very long time.
  2. I just remembered this video. One of my favorite songs and music videos by the band. Just saying. It's underrated. Also, does anyone know what city it's shot in? I haven't watched it in a long time. Was it Los Angeles?
  3. VERY off topic, but kickass avatar, Mass Effect 2 is gonna be sweet. First one is one of my favorite games. Anyways, sorry. To make it on topic (kind of): HTTT is a great album.
  4. You can always go to http://www.citizeninsane.eu/songlist.html and then download (if you have Firefox) https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3006 And you can rip audio/video from sites like Citizen Insane and YouTube and then keep 'em on your hard drive. Just find all the songs on HTTT on Citizen Insane and click on the song link and then find the leaked version of the song (usually at the bottom of the songs page) and push play, then the download helper will have a icon flashing to the left of your address bar and then click on that and then download and save and then enjoy.
  5. And I have to say the same about the newer Big Boots circa Summer 2002. Better, IMO. I am a 2002 Radiohead tour whore.
  6. Here's the chronology of the song. The one I am talking about is the very last one. http://www.citizeninsane.eu/lift.html
  7. It isn't even funny. I'm talking about the Summer 2002 version. Am I right?
  8. Haha, awesome. Um yeah, interesting to say the least.
  9. On the Beach or Winter Wonderland. Haha, totally different from each other but how can you not smile and get that Christmas feeling during Winter Wonderland?
  10. Thanks for the link. And nah, the video is fine you just got to pause it for a little bit to let it buffer and then it will be fine.
  11. I love SDSU as it is but strangely this little electronic instrumental 2 note thing is way more catchy and has even more impact on the listener. Those two notes have a lot of meaning in them. Funny how that works. Weird how these two notes can strike a chord within you even though it's just the same notes playing over and over again on a machine.
  12. You guys are crazy. SDSU is awesome and WIEAYB is even better. Screw ya's.
  13. I talked to a guy at a record shop last night and he said that he saw Radiohead back in '98 at the Salem Armory in Salem, Oregon. He said his brother couldn't go so he sold the other ticket for $5. Damn.
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