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  1. I've never been to Shoreline, but everything I've heard is negative critique. What other possibilities do they have besides there, the Greek Theatre (only 8K), Great American Music Hall, Bill Graham (8K as well--they could do Big Ideas like they did in 98!) Filmore and Warfield (what, like 2 K?)... The Catalyst in SC!!
  2. Yeah! I heard Bodysnatchers on the radio when I was down there. I was scanning through stations and I thought I heard about a quarter a second of Bodysnatchers... "it is the twenty-frst century..." I was right
  3. because they played "big ideas" and the recording from this show remains the best version of the song in its many forms. and, it was in san francisco... EDIT: they also played trickster
  4. Excuse me if this has been discussed before (the search didn't yield anything), but the Radiohead poster from last tour is a "magic eye" drawing. Don't put your eyes too close to the screen it doesn't work when it's so small anyway. To me just houses in lines pop out. I've looked at it twice until I'm dizzy and I still don't really see a picture. It's really hard though to look at the whole poster, because the houses/arrows get big to really small.
  5. hahahaha that's pretty funny even though i don't believe the LP7 date, it seems a little more plausible than this
  6. http://www.waste.uk.com/Store/waste-radiohead-dii-27-5-ice+caps+longsleeve+moribund.html has anyone ever bought this shirt? i really want it, but it seems abnormally long for anyone. maybe not shaq, but most people with normal heights. but ahhh, i really want it!
  7. well, just as something to think about, let's look at thom's latest deadairspace post: "now that was a long and eventful week sheesh and it ain over" when has thom ever had or at least discussed an 'eventful week'?
  8. good stuff, a lot of it is really solid, especially the soft part of I Might Be Wrong. but i love your site name, Death Cab for Radiohead. pretty much my two favorite bands, besides Muse.
  9. thanks mutherbeep, do you mean the one lline synth part at the end?
  10. i sense this thread is going in the wrong direction
  11. i would have stuck some berkeley songs in there, as there are some really good versions (4 minute warning, and down is the new up)
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