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  1. is the cassette only available through the box set or will it be able to be purchased separately as a dl?
  2. I would definitely think so, yea, even if it's just snippets I think the band being finished just needs to stop. It comes up on every single release! It's not the end!
  3. did a legit wav file ever surface?
  4. my thoughts exactly. they definitely recorded more than one song...
  5. you do realize that fight club came out after okc right?
  6. they have pretty much broken free of their genres when they started and got popular they have both outlasted almost all of their peers from that time they both take the concept of an album as a statement and craft them as perfectly as they can they work at their own pace and create the art they want to create they take album art very seriously and work on it at the same time as the music both singers are somewhat uncomfortable with their fame yet have multiple side projects that keep the creativity flowing both bands just take what they do very seriously and have nothing to prove but to themselves and its reflected in their art.
  7. I think tool and radiohead are very very very similar. pearl jam not so much.
  8. they definitely are not giving us the album twice lol
  9. I can't see them putting 8 minutes of music on an entire disc. that's far too wasteful for them. there will probably be a long bonus track or art/photos. I do think that spectre will be one of the tracks though.
  10. absolutely! their electronic ventures cut the mustard
  11. moon-shaped would be shaped like a moon not by a moon but grammar is not my forte...
  12. so is it agreed that a moon shaped pool is the ocean?
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