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  1. This thread, this one right here, is the one to discuss contents of the website, and has existed for a longer time. It is not "speculation". You know what, fuck it, just reduce the whole board to the mews thread, will you. I'm in a good mood today thanks to getting a copy of TUS and intend to stay that way, so carry on, I'll go elsewhere.
  2. ... yes? with the newspaper showing up... OH LET ME GUESS You ALL knew about this already BECAUSE SOMEONE POSTED ON THE MEWS THREAD.
  3. It is a dumpster, it's impossible to follow unless you don't have a life. Things get buried in there, I gave up on it before it was 100 pages long /rant
  4. Noticing that the newspaper stands have different things written on them, depending on the location... care to share? It's visible in some photos but not others, like in Stockholm it said "A splinter of winter".
  5. I know this isn't exactly the right thread, but I just noticed that TKOL is available in its entirity on Radiohead's Youtube channel (individual tracks).
  6. GUYS CHECK OUT RADIOHEAD.COM without /deadairspace!!
  7. [quote name=Heh ' timestamp='1301315312' post='3928757] I have to admit you pissed me off at first but now I think you're the best alias ever. Hats off.
  8. "Sell your house and buy gold" is depressing as hell O_O
  9. Just uploaded! I'd cream myself. Edit: ok I'm going to read the paper, bbl
  10. First I had the sneaky suspicion this would happen, but then thought "nah, else they're not getting out alive from the distribution point if they go and hand out the paper themselves"
  11. Confirm my code is also TUS1-xxxxxx. Confirm I have a copy of the newspaper. Confirm Radiohead are awesome.
  12. Interesting video, guys, watch it (and not just because Ed is in it...)
  13. Love both of them, nice! Really feel the mood of the songs in those.
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