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  1. really great, didn't realise it had suffered a bit of backlash in the three years since I looked at GRT. It's probably the only radiohead I really listen to at the moment, still sounds quite fresh. I also never had a problem with the tracklisting, and thought that disk 2 had a lot of shit on it - ie. they picked the best songs for the record. The only exception really being 4 minute warning, but that wouldn't have worked on disk 1. Also I would have preferred if they'd kept last flowers as an unreleased live song, the extra guitar they put in is weak.
  2. if you want it to sound good you have to play the extra bass notes, make sure you get the A - Bb one he does in the verses, i'm fairly sure he plays that himself
  3. hey i might record a cover of running returning over christmas
  4. worst song on ir, but i'd still say it's fairly pleasant
  5. The Ranger

    i don't see how an excuse for the frankly ridiculous price can be "well they'll cost a lot more on ebay". someone's already mentioned fugazi in this thread, couldn't agree more
  6. The Ranger

    UK dates

    it's not like they have to make up for lost profits from IR or anything, in interviews they've simply said the experiment worked and they've done "very well out of it" i'm already semi regretting giving them
  7. The Ranger

    UK dates

    fuck it that price is just ridiculous, i would never pay that to see any band. hell i paid
  8. pm link please my discbox has been dispatched but its going to my home address so i won't get it til xmas
  9. a lot of shots on dead air space had ed playing acoustic
  10. isn't the verse on this just like em d c em, playing the root and the 3rd to get the same rhythmic feeling as the album (ie 12xx12xx 10xx11xx 8xx9xx) was messing around with it on guitar earlier and that sounded ok dunno the chords to the old one
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