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  1. I felt so bad for Taylor swift...did you see her face?? I just watched the clip on YouTube like 5 mins ago... Kanye West is such a douche, but he was just probably doing it to get some talk, because he was afraid people would forget he was there! Speaking of douches in relation to Radiohead, I was at my niece
  2. FUCK! I hate being poor... at least i will get to download it illigaly, then maybe send radiohead a cheque when i get extre cash because i feel bad...
  3. OH MY GOD!!!! that is hillarious! I love ed's face! He is quite the grumpy banana!
  4. the lady really pissed me off, she reminded me of this one old lady i see on the bus for some reason, so that proably didint help, but she was still anoying
  5. Im not sure why but in that pic phil looks like one of those overly-flamboyant hairdressers thats saying "mmm-hhmmm sister, thats GOTTA GO" or something like that
  6. if you just switch HTTT and KId A, thats the exact order I heard them in
  7. In May of this year, my friend asked me to burn a CD for a project she was doing. On the CD I secretly added IR. About a week later she calls me and she says "I think you accidentally burned a bunch of songs on my CD. I was just wondering if you could tell me what they are 'cause I really like a couple of them." When I told her it was "Radiohead’s latest album" she was like WHOA! THIS is Radiohead, it’s awesome! I was so happy when she said this! Anyway so for a couple of months she’s been going crazy over IR and listening it to death. Last night she came over just to hang out. As soon as she got to my house I put on IR and we were just talking about how awesome it is that she finally gets Radiohead and how everyone else is missing out so much. When she was describing the way the album affected her and how she got into it, all I was thinking was "holy crap, that’s exactly how it happened with me!" Anyway all night all we did until 2:30 am was watch Videos of RH songs that I thought she would like. We also ended up by watching the better part of Glatso 03' (we reminded the "for a minute there..." part of karma police about 50 times) She ended by crashing here and as soon as we woke up we but on HTTT and it blew her mind. So as a little experiment I gave her the bends and my Live at the Astoria DVD. From now on I’m giving her one album at a time in the same order that I got them, so she can go through the same RH experience that I did, I’m curious to see if she will become as much of a fan as I am. The next album is OKC!! Anyway I just wanted to know if you guys think I should continue giving her the albums in the same order I heard them or give her all of them and just let her go nuts. Also if anyone has a link to any live performance that you think would be cool to show a new RH fan, like something that will BLOW her mind, please post.
  8. Why would someone who considers "brittany and justin" good music buy an RH album??
  9. they may not be "rock and roll" but they sure can dance
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