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  1. Got a poncho and umbrella all ready! It's going to raining all day right?
  2. Just flew in today. Probably going to get there between 8 and 9 tomorrow. I'll be the one wearing nerdy radiohead shoes Really hoping they play orgy, been holding myself back from listening to it
  3. Pretty sure march 8 is waste in the morning hours I'm going to try for the june 1st jersey show and dc, only problem is work wednesday morning and i'll be on a plane saturday morning kinda freaking out a bit. I need tickets!
  4. Hopefully the closer you are to the front, the less annoying people are. I've been to concerts and it seemed like the people next to me were made of stone; they never moved. Which I guess is better than loud, drunk people but it still sucks. Maybe I should arrive at the venue around 9 instead of 12...I want to be near all the insane fans
  5. I just grabbed a ticket the other day on a whim. I wasn't even planning on going. I'm just glad I didn't have to go through that ticket madness I'm pretty sure there will be a separate line. Waste get's in early I thought?
  6. I got waste presale floor. I'll probably get there around 12 on the day of the concert. How about you?
  7. Awesome! I'll be the girl with the really curly short hair and white hat
  8. I'll be going to the Kansas City show alone. It's my first rh concert and I'm a little nervous about being by myself, but hopefully I can meet some pretty cool people in the queue
  9. My shoes, hand painted over the course of a week. I have a shop here (shameless promotion)
  10. I can sign a little of ASL and I don't recognize those signs... but then again I can't really see what he's doing It looks like when he signs 3 he signs it as the common "W" index, middle, and ring fingers. The number 3 is signed with the thumb, index, and middle. Also the other guy just signs 2, not anything else. I really don't think that's ASL
  11. How much for the Anyone Can Play Guitar USA promo?
  12. It is a cute dress; I've always wanted one. Just pair it with black leggings and you've got an outfit...good luck finding one
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