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  1. the interview for All Songs Considered that was aired last week? anyway, I doubt he changed anything. The interviewer didn't have the full album back then, it's impossible...
  2. yeah... that's the rip quality that does that. he didn't change anything since that NPR, he can't. come on, the album is already pressing for the release in 2 WEEKS. you can't make changes this close to a release. also, I've read the speakers on the leak were inverted, why? I don't know. so don't panic. thank you.
  3. the audio quality isn't optimal. the mix is low at the moment. the quality is more than okay, but then again, nothing's gonna beat the cd quality. I just can't wait...
  4. listening to it for the third or fourth time, must say those synths coming in at 2:30 are wicked. there's something sad in their tones. I was expecting them to go higher and happier, but they just got lower and somewhat melancholic. I don't know. I'm just weird. but this is sad. and good.
  5. WELCOME TO ONE HELL OF A USER PROFILE. seriously, welcome.

  6. it is just the track. played on a irish radio show apparently, quality isn't optimal, but it's more than okay. just tune it up a little. pm comin your way. good night folks.
  7. incoming haha. should be sleeping right now, but i'm just too obsessed by radiohead.
  8. NEW TUNE! Come to your senses maybe??????? I'm back buddies. happier than ever. edit: Ful Stop probably though. edit 2: 21. Ful Stop
  9. LP_Green


    never heard it and seen it! though I looked a long time for a live version of Sulk. man... Thom's vocal range was so impressive. It still is today for his age, but at that time...wow.
  10. while I'm not concerned. your comment is not really reasonable. Toronto was a big date, especially for Canadians, since they seem to have forgotten people living in the west. And they overlooked a lot of big cities in the US. The possibility of them coming back to NA is there and will probably happen. And no, they didn't play a hundred gigs in North America. They've done like 2 legs of 15-17 shows each. That's not a lot compared to a lot other bands. The tour was practically perfect, and I understand the time they need between shows. But they still could add 3-4 stops each leg, if they want everyone to have a chance to hear them.
  11. I think they got back home yesterday(today for some). Tomorrow, they're probably gonna meet up with their management and crew. The possibilty of them having another lighting rig in Europe is possible, though not the major concern here. The band and crew must be in shock. And the fear of going back on stage must be there somewhere...in their head, big or small. Anyway, we'll know soon enough... As you said, we're only 2 weeks till the next leg of the tour... Anyway, it makes me sad. Why did such bad luck had to fall on a band like Radiohead. Not that I wish this to any band, but I'll never understand this... hmmm... justice. It one word, it sucks. Big Time. My thoughts go to the family and friends of Scott. Rest in peace. I think we've lost a nice guy in you yesterday, from what I read, and that's really unfortunate.
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