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  1. Mine was also missing the tape! How did you find a place to make a claim? The AMSP site has nothing.
  2. Nothing even remotely close to my area so I sincerely hope someone records a quality stream and posts it online in the event we get some noteworthy material a la Thumbs Down or Scotch Mist. I've been off the forums for quite a while. Where is the current best place to look for something like this in the next few days? At Ease? Citizen Insane? Reddit?
  3. Hello board. Man I spent loads of time here back in the day.
  4. As long as I'm asking for favors I guess I should offer up something in return. If I have linked to something in another thread ever and the link is dead now, I will be happy to re-up anything. Also if anyone has any requests for unreleased material I'd be happy to share, although my catalog of live shows is much much slimmer than it once was so if you're looking for a specific version, don't get your hopes up unless its a unique/the difinitive version of a particular song.
  5. Haven't been keeping up on my collection and I'm looking for some quality recordings from the TKOL tour. I guess there's soundboard from Austin City Limits? Any other shows? I'd love to master the best of whats out there and repost. Looking for quality links for any unreleased songs or whole shows from the board.
  6. Sorry if this has been covered already but does anyone have a live link to any soundboard recordings from this tour? and/or Are there any versions of new material/old stuff that resurfaced from this tour that are generally considered to be the best of what's out there? I've been out of the loop for a while and there's no way I could dig through all these boots even supposing that half the links aren't dead.
  7. Right now on shuffle Pyramid Song How To Disappear Completely Go Slowly The Tourist Sail to the Moon Nude Give Up the Ghost Lozenge of Love Rabbit in Your Headlights Its my "don't freak out" playlist. I'm on the verge of a meltdown right now.
  8. The cool thing about tunings like dadgab is that you can fret whatever strings you want, almost at random, and you'll make all sorts of cool chords with pared down voicings or unique suspensions that all tie together nicely. Just experiment. Why learn chords? But if you really want to learn chords you should just check out a few songs in that tuning. Zeppelin is always a good place to start. I know Kashmir is in that tuning. Maybe That's the Way too? Black Mountainside is same tuning down a half step. You should also try dgcgcd.
  9. Why do so many people refuse to admit that I Froze Up sucks? Weakest song besides I Promise that has ever been played by them.
  10. I haven't added pictures of sheep to the album art for a while. But I should start doing it again...
  11. These are possibly slightly better than the ones I posted (the volume seems to have been normalized and the down time between tracks has been edited out), but they are still from the same source. You can't get great quality anything from a sub-par source. We are just going to have to wait for this to be re-broadcast and for a better source to surface.
  12. Absolutely not. But its what there is right now. If something better surfaces I'll post a link.
  13. I don't think those are necessarily "mistakes". Its not like they just sat down and gave the material a run through. If they goofed something during recording they just took another take. This is them working out how to play this material live and I would guess its pretty spot on to how they will tour it.
  14. No way this screenshot is for real. I call bullshit. Present Tense? Weeeelllllll... they did leave tracks out of the IRFTB broadcast... Nope this is bullshit. Its a screenshot from them performing Staircase.
  15. Yeah, we'll get a better source. The audio rips from Canal+ are especially dodgey. Pretty much anything would be better. That could be due to the quality that it was broadcast in, or just the quality that the broadcast was encoded in by whoever posted it online. Usually there are only one or two main sources that just get bounced around and re-encoded and re-posted a hundred times, each worse than the last. Whether we get a better source from one of the other broadcasts (maybe Palladia, which I think is going to be HD), or whether they release it on iTunes like they did with In Rainbows From T
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