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  1. Long time since I've posted here! I moved to atease, as I guess I said a while back...don't hate me Anyways, some of you guys dug my band's last EP and it's been a while since we've released anything and I wanted to let you know we just released a new track called Proper Ghost Man on our bandcamp. It was mastered by Geoff Pesche who it just so happens mastered the vinyl version of In Rainbows and The Best of! Was geeking out about that... Anyways, if you'd like to give it a listen you can check it out here www.empiremachines.bandcamp.com Love to know you guys' thoughts.
  2. there's still people saying it's them...it's driving me crazy. people on youtube are even saying that "Yorke said it was called Putting Ketchup In the Fridge"
  3. haha so dead on. that was great, because it's true. just gotta do what you think serves the song best...
  4. i agree the vocals are sometimes a bit too loud, though you go and listen to a song like Karma Police and the vocals are exceptionally loud in that (i think), so it's got a bit to do with the song too I guess. As for emotional connection, I think it's probably because I'm still trying to get my bearings as a vocalist and not just a vocalist, but a vocalist in the studio. everything changes once that red light comes on, haha. very interesting to hear the vocal comparison to Tame Impala, never have gotten that one before...i've definitely been digging them lately. his vocals remind me of George
  5. thanks for the critique and listening man. I definitely would like you to elaborate if you could, because I think you make a great point and I think it'd help me understand our music from an interesting/new point of view if you could articulate what you mean a bit more. I'm very much still growing as a songwriter so I don't expect to really "blow minds" just yet. maybe in small doses. (the outro of Never Enough is one of those moments for me, the chorus of Sweet Teeth is also one of those moments) I'm/we are really just setting out to write "good" songs at the moment. when we're satisf
  6. i really appreciate that, thank you so much! and if you're a musician (since you're in YA) i wish you best of luck as well!
  7. just so it doesn't seem like i've ignored you in this thread Relying, let me just say here, Thank you so much for giving us a spin on your station Mike! No worries man! It is I who must apologize for the slow response! haha. Just wanted to give this review the care it deserves and I haven't been around as much...I kiiiiiinda have been spending my time at AtEase . and I added your name to the thank you notes properly now anyways, I'm glad you dig the name. I agree it is a bit cold at first glance, and it does have an immediate sort of "alt rock" thing going, but I think once peop
  8. your fucking avatar...way too great. really appreciate the kind words though, that'd be me on vocals. love to hear what you think of the rest when you get a chance!
  9. hahaha, i've been to one of his acoustic shows like 8 years ago, but no, i'm not. i'll say though that Nick (lead of 311) and Zack did cover Karma Police on their like "Vote for Jon Kerry Acoustic Tour" a few years ago.
  10. ya, i mean that's a good idea of their fun rap-rock style. but on Grassroots they have a bit of a dirtier less mainstream sound, jazzier, funkier and better/more interesting song writing. Transistor is kinda their alt-rock masterpiece (yes yes i know you're laughing), darker than anything they've ever done (notlikeToolnotlikeTool), and sort of has that space-rock thing going on, interesting sounds etc.
  11. that's cause you probably (*probably*) haven't heard Transistor (1997) or Grassroots (1994), which are at the least 22 times more creative and well, better than hybrid theory. i'm grossed out even typing hybrid theory. how dare you impose that on me.
  12. there's such a huge misconception about this band, so i always feel it's my duty to at least try and clear it up somewhat. i used to love the shit out of 311. (yes i said that) please do not compare them to the trash that is Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park for that matter. 311 is very tongue in cheek. Fuck the Bullshit is a good example of that. a good portion of their music, but not all is just music meant to be fun. (that pic in the youtube of them is ultra douchey, and they are a bit douchey these days) but they have a range of styles that's not just rap-rock and not just reggae.
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