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  1. ty and thank you for drawing something and posting it it's really beautiful I like the idea and I'm glad you posted it whether you think its done or not I love it
  2. ty guys it's not perfect but I'm tryin to let go of perfectionism for the sake of the challenges :} it was fun tho I brought an old pencil case of misc colored pencils and crayons and did my best with the constraints in teh hotel suite I also made a card for my aunt's bday tomorrow on suggestion of other aunt to draw a flamingo cuz we're gonna go to the flamingo gardens before I catch my plane :3
  3. Sorry I suck at making challenges put me in time out if you want :L
  4. Yeah wow Boy is it pretty tho. The boat on the inside is a great touch
  5. Petition to officially extend deadline to this Sunday?? Here is my inspiration Even tho I only ever did the mobile idea I still got a good grade! I will probably do the first one in colored pencils......
  6. Haha that's fucking great Digital for the depth of field win?
  7. Some of the crazier pictures I wonder if they take multiple photos at different settings and splice them together it's not impossible
  8. oh lord it's good to see you again, love these so much
  9. Yeah like tripod+long exposure
  10. Sorry ugh this week was insane I am gonna finish tonight
  11. That's awesome!! My friend majored in art and her final showcase had a lot of weird nonsensical perspective that kinda worked and was part of the charm. I feel that's what you got there it's like symbolic or like an icon or something
  12. Only if they aren't posted in i think so you should be able to save your favs with a bump if it's not too late
  13. I'm going to do my best with this passage I think. maybe I'll fail but if so that's ok. "An enormous crimson sun raced above the Neva, and the buildings of Petersburg seemed to be melting away, turning into the lightest of smoky amethyst lace. The windowpanes sent off cutting flame-gold reflections, and from the tall spires flashed rubies. And indentations and projections stretched away into the burning conflagration: caryatids, cornices of brick balconies." Sorrrry my challenge was toooo vaague and nooo one wanted to do it T-T
  14. Yeah we all knew what she meant I think we can cut a non-native English speaker (right?) some slack...
  15. yeah basically all this is valid but it definitely all works as is just like a wishlist for next time as it were :] I mean if ever there was a flattering criticism it's "why isn't there more?"
  16. Uhhhh I died of happiness when postcard culminated in that guitar smash after such an awesome driving song and buildup and stuff I only wished that the end bit lasted longer however it just made me play the song over again so maybe it was just right
  17. I like six eight more this time I think I needed to turn it up a bit to get the depth
  18. Not after that first time but yeah good bump will do it again
  19. rose ocean

    Kyri's Tunes

    V atmospheric I like it Kinda wanted to see what you did with such a long length compared to your usual in clapse and I really like it. Very cool and cohesive without being repetitive
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