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  1. for some reason nothing about randyphilchom sticks in my memory thats just how it goesss
  2. i almost never go into ce so you can call me biased if you want but there it is. i guess never go there cuz i dont' give a shit about it anyway so thats something
  3. and god i love you skuj but maka is just maka theres no way around it
  4. lulzy matchup of people who barely post anymore but skuj is lurking around while maka isnt... oh god while i was writing this a voice clip of makaveli reading a bus manual came up on itunes shuffle fuckkk
  5. man everyone in these is so awesome, kyri more than some, but mama, man...
  6. i think i will put off voting because everyone seems to love boney a lot and i never really remembered anything about him so i will try to get some sort of picture of him in my head as a poster before i finalize my vote.
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