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  1. really badass! I was hoping someone would go the soviet route <3
  2. yeah I mean I just love the texture made by colored pencils on paper. I didn't notice the specks in the background till they were pointed out and lord knows my picture has a million imperfections that I wish I could fix but I'm not too bothered cuz overall yall validated my color choice etc :]
  3. Hm I'm just on mobile so the original just seemed to have more "colored pencil on paper" texture while the new one looks more computery
  4. Really like the textures in the second one :>
  5. rose ocean

    Bad Cs

    groovin 2 dis while sittin at mah desk
  6. rose ocean

    my music

    Damn I wanted to do this now :[
  7. rose ocean

    my music

    goddamn that is gorgeous the way your voice and the music combine is such a full sound it's crazy like I've only listened to these on headphones at work but I definitely wanna go home and put this on real speakers so I can be fully immersed i guess if I would say one thing it's that the "jeepers creepers" line was kinda funny and took me out of it but that's not necessarily bad I just haven't really grasped all the lyrics yet since I rarely do on first listen and maybe it makes more sense in context I guess it's just funny in context of singing it but yeah fucking gorgeous song not even a criticism just something I noticed
  8. "recorded post Kid A"? I thought they were from the same sessions
  9. Love the colors/cute bird hehe
  10. rose ocean

    Kyri's Tunes

    lovely sonic soundscape im curious who you sampled since at least one voice seems like you made much lower
  11. rose ocean

    my music

    Wow I kinda recalled josephine foster right when you started singing and then you sang the title of one of her albums like immediately after so yeah definitely you have your own unique identity don't sound like anyone per se and I look forward to hearing more of your music but that's a lil coincidental not to at least mention! Love these freal I guess the music recalls espers to me but is far more interesting than they are
  12. Everyone can feel free to draw anything from previous challenges too if you are so inspired! The more drawings the better!!!
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