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  1. Aw guys :< I think mine is gonna be hard to find an angle I can manage to draw but I'm still excited to try! I say even if you don't know how to draw something perfect you can sit down for like 15 minutes and sketch out a rough vague idea so that even if you don't ever realize it to the extent you would like to realize it's potential, it will still be fun to show everyone where your head was at for 15 minutes! I say less judging and more drawing shit no matter how rough the sketch you show how about it!
  2. rose ocean

    Kyri's Tunes

    Cool listening to package right after finishing a listen of the complete guide to insufficiency I feel like the moods are complementary, really nice sound to it I really like amphibian's lushness, driving beat, and the choral quality of the vocals at times
  3. ok I'm gonna send an idea to you now im afraid I'll pick a song you don't like it's intimidating!
  4. gotta quote this for the page I'm having a hard time thinking too! I'm excited tho! I just want it to be good cuz it's brandom *_*
  5. rose ocean

    Kyri's Tunes

    nice Gonna go listen to that again
  6. Love the haziness with lights cutting through <3
  7. Finally got to listen to the dying black swan and holy crap <3 I hope you do someday get to realize that animation because I think the concept of your drawing is really beautiful and fitting. Also brandom those trees are exquisite *-* can definitely see it as russian too dang I'm so happy with how this challenge turned out even if it seemed like no one would do it at first, a little extension was all we needed :')
  8. yeah I can kinda see the paint in a way it's definitely a defining feature of icons but sometimes it's ok to get an unfinished idea down when you're inspired <3 Somehow I'm reminded of the one icon I photographed in the Russian museum. Not sure why I didn't get more tbh
  9. ^also mutsy this is great <3 I was regretting not being able to do an icon inspired drawing myself since I already had an idea in mind im so glad you did it :')
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