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  1. oh my gawd Cassie I LOVE THEM ALL
  2. ransomware is fucked up http://www.radiolab.org/story/darkode/
  3. nice, cool to hear some of the background of it all, I didn't have time to finish but I'm gonna listen to the back half today
  4. so yeah with invincible man I definitely start to see how the vocals are sort of a product of your band's collective taste in music like those background growlish vocals have never been my thing but it's purely a matter of preference and I just happen to be picky about such things personally and we don't always like the same music but I respect the kinda stuff you like if that makes sense, I'm curious what elements of the sound are yours doc? digging almost all of the instrumentation, it's only the vox that I'm on the fence about heh
  5. digging it from the first crunchy guitars, the mixing of the vox with the instruments is kinda different than I expect at first, I guess I'm not used to such a crystal clear voice track over a fuzzy guitar sound wall but I'll have to see where it goes to decide how I feel about it, but the mixing and recording is definitely kinda beside the point cuz I can be nitpicky about anyone's recording and production really it's not intrinsic to the songs themselves and these seem good
  6. oh man Cassie that sucks you dropped your equipment those are so cool tho
  7. this was my favorite mt game I think I just bought one of those "mindfulness coloring books" that are such a thing now but I've always loved coloring I've even saved some of my favs through the years. best was an intricate coloring page made by a camp counselor representing the camp and he was a great artist and I really liked my color choices. left it at my friend's house once and her sister took it and taped it to her wall and I had to ask for it back...
  8. yeah I did this last night I feel like there was some weird little thing I never noticed on a song before but I lost it like the detail of a dream oh man I <3 snap but hadn't seen this thread before
  9. I will have to try that first one. I am ambivalent at this point to arctic monkeys as far as their singles go, being that I totally wrote them off before AM, then I ended up liking "why'd you only call me when you're high" but I pretty much hate "r u mine?" as far as tkol goes I never fully came around to it but I don't hate anything and there are a couple songs i like quite a bit
  10. I think it's kind of beautiful that all of us that love radiohead can end up loving them from such different perspectives and tastes which are reflected in the different songs and releases that we like the best
  11. I'm the worst for derailing srs radiohead topics but tbh just tell me which to listen to tomorrow and...... I WILL
  12. I haven't actually listened to a Kanye album
  13. rose ocean

    my music

    really beautiful songs! both what I've heard before (reworking? not sure) and what I haven't, flows really great as an ep as well. cool how spice of life breaks up the smooth silkiness just a tad with the slightly more aggressive strumming. also love the additional instrumentation it all just works so great together!!!
  14. yeah i mean if that's what youre exposed to, i do consider all of those semimainstream and tkol is indeed better lol. fleet foxes are the most boring band ever, and i honestly find arcade fire, pj harvey, and portishead mostly boring as well. i like jnew but i haven't paid attention to any of her albums since ys so idk, none of these are what i had in mind just for reference, i made a list for another site recently of my top 80 albums of '10-'14 and tkol was #80 i don't expect you to have heard of like half of this cuz i'm a late-20something who is into a lot of killer punk shit that flies way under the radar but my bf keeps tabs on the good stuff, and there's a lot of random pop stuff that might make you think i'm a teenager but theres some stuff in there that even old farts can like but i'll tell you even though radiohead was my first favorite band ever, the mountain goats have held that title for longer now and i think recent mountain goats shits all over recent radiohead but back on topic i AM excited to see what they do next because they really do seem like they could have some great albums still in them
  15. yeah pretty accurate probs lol I mean I like amnesiac better than kid a and I think they're also pretty equal, and I also still love httt but I definitely want to skip more songs on it whereas I love every song on amnesiac no exceptions hahahaha "any other band" no are you nuts what other bands are you comparing them to, other semimainstream acts? even so I find this opinion hilarious but you are entitled to it
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