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  1. pads life ep is tripping me out love it
  2. love those Kevin, fits right in with our constant rain over here too omg of course you did! which photo?
  3. i don't really understand the "thinking about you" hate i mean it's not one of my favs anymore but i don't see what makes it so bad? like how is it worse than "yes i am" for instance
  4. no wait, I'm an idiot, they're just alternate versions of songs from the bends collectors ed disregard
  5. yeah, I'm saying the one on Spotify has more
  6. what's behind the choice of songs that are & aren't on ph collectors ed?
  7. "yes I am" seems pretty boring there's my vote
  8. this is why Ima refresh my memory through the magic of Spotify
  9. fooppe and Hugh I just read your poems now I like them a lot Hannah I think I read your song before, I liked it too
  10. ???googling this word just turns up some manga for me is this supposed to be a quality or something?
  11. maquilladora fan club, reporting for appreciation.
  12. haha looks like we have a consensus on the mixing of the early songs
  13. rose ocean

    my music

    too late again edit well anyway I went up one level and found a different sound
  14. i think the vocal mixing is more to my taste on Blankets for Louis btw, meaning I can focus on the song which is great
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