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  1. On 7/9/2019 at 12:46 PM, jonathan said:

    All passwords should be the same as you had them.

    this wasn't true for me, which i know because i even had the passwords saved to automatically to be entered in my phone, which didn't work after it came back up and didn't work if i manually entered what i know they were, but anyway i reset this one and that at least worked 

    i appreciate not wanting to let the history die! you've done this community better than whoever ran atease and lost everything by forgetting(?) to pay the bill

    and it's nice to have forum software from this decade that can actually load reliably again and easily embed stuff 😊 hope it doesn't cost you too much

    congrats on the children! ❤️ 

  2. i wrote another song and also I have a new soundcloud where Im switching things up ever so slightly




    i like how you followed the "fog (again)" convention :) 


    was v interesting to end the bleak house album on the original then listen to this one

    i love what you did with it, i mean i think it sticks out more than anything on the albums cuz i was leaning back and going with the flow on those but this song is realllly beautiful, wow

  3. Really, I can't pick. It's been great every time. Getting to the show is always an adventure. Last time, I drove by myself for two days. The build up is amazing. I do have a soft spot for 2002 in San Sebastian. The way the crowd clapped to Morning Bell, and how I heard Punchdrunk for the first time, how Up on the Ladder was on fire, also Four Tet was the opener and I missed most of it because I was strolling along on top of the cliffs overlooking the ocean. After the show, I drove back across the French border and slept in my car on the beach. The whole thing felt very romantic.


    Incidentally, a good friend of mine who was crazy about radiohead also passed away recently. Every new release, she'd email me "so? what do you think?". I had not met her yet in 97, the year of my first show, but we found out later that we were both at the same show that day, so the fan bond was pretty tight.


  4. A month ago, when Kid A turned 15, I sent a text to my buddy to remind him to revisit it. He needed distractions, since he'd been fighting liver cancer for most of the year. We thought he was winning the battle, actually. He replied that he would soon, but was in the hospital trying to control chronic nausea that had sidelined him for several days. Unfortunately, they discovered the cancer had metastasized to his brain, hence the nausea. His funeral is this coming Saturday.


    In 2008, this friend and I drove 7 hours to Santa Barbara to see Radiohead's last night of the In Rainbows tour. I've been fortunate to see them live several times, but this show is the most special to me now.


    Amazing how much this band has been part of my life and the lives of my friends in such an impactful way for so long. So grateful to/for them, I can't even tell you.




    That's just one set out of lord knows how many. Figured it thread worthy.

    man this is tough, really sorry man :hug: glad you had such a great memory mwith him
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