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  1. just had a crazy idea what if i responded to your vocaroo on the end of the mixtape i mean i can see that it would probably be rather silly i mean even though your vocaroo is gone i still have the notes i was gonna use to make a long rambling vocaroo in response. i'm already thinking this is a dumb idea and i should just make another vocaroo and not clutter up your mixtape but i'm still gonna throw the idea out there.

  2. no one was commandeering it was a fuckin travesty i had to!

  3. yeah i dunno i can just see where you are coming from and that it should be all lighthearted and in fun. and laughing at it!

  4. yeah best thing evrar


    and if you think of it let me know cuz i'm curious lol you are a cool dood

  5. hmmmm i'm trying to figure out why you thought i hated you and also what would have triggered this right now haha. help me out? and no i dont hate you and i never did. my earliest memory of you is just that seeing your name would make me crave cheetos lol

  6. :< but we love pictures of eyereen

  7. but you post pictures decently frequently :

  8. what? i never knew you were that self conscious, you're so cute what is wrong with leaving pictures up? people who delete their pictures before i get a chance to look at them kind of frustrate me :(

  9. ok i'll go find it but whyyyyy

  10. yeah it was a study abroad thing. i'd already taken intensive first year russian and so this summer semester was like super intensive second year so i'd say i'm decent at least. also had a culture class where we had literature lecturediscussions as well as art lectures in the russian museum with a different professor. it was pretty sweet

  11. i forget, did you realize i was recently in russia for seven weeks?

  12. june 18th haha thanks girl <3

  13. lovely. what prompted this gift though?

  14. first i need to finish posting them on facebook though. i'm almost done!

  15. yep i have pretty much a million pictures. i posted almost all of the ones of me in front of things but i have so many more of just sights and scenery and stuff that i think you'd like :)

  16. sounds like a great time!

  17. did you find it? it is post 69 in said thread lol. and incidentally i second bella's suggestion

  18. did you see my post in the mter lookalike thread garrett?

  19. nope not yet. only got nine days left though omgweird. i'll actually get to have a real summer for a month without taking classes though lol. fuck essays and homework

  20. i miss you garrett how are yous

  21. oh yeah and if you werent too cool for me you could already see my photos on facebook :P

  22. its ok bella this is the first i've been on since my bday so you are right on time! so sorry about your bunny though :______(

  23. nah its fine. was there more than one?

  24. haha yeah i love them : )

  25. nah i was just home for the weekend. i am not coming home till the 25th and then i'll be leaving for russia on june 6th but i'll be back before august. sorry about the house :(

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