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  1. yeah i've confirmed the autocomplete is only working for emoji with shortcuts that start and end with a colon, and not for the ones that got their shortcuts cutoff way back in the day i.e. what shoulda been redface is just redf and rolleyes is just roll and these don't work for autocomplete
  2. damn coulda sworn there was a :tear: or something like that but maybe i'm just getting my boards mixed up, surely there were more than that? i guess it's probably just the way you had to scroll over before made it seem like more, and i was expecting things like to autocomplete when i start typing like but for some reason you just have to know what to type for the ones that don't end in a colon?
  3. this wasn't true for me, which i know because i even had the passwords saved to automatically to be entered in my phone, which didn't work after it came back up and didn't work if i manually entered what i know they were, but anyway i reset this one and that at least worked i appreciate not wanting to let the history die! you've done this community better than whoever ran atease and lost everything by forgetting(?) to pay the bill and it's nice to have forum software from this decade that can actually load reliably again and easily embed stuff 😊 hope it doesn't cost you too much congrats on the children! ❤️
  4. wait it says tmonk what's funny i'm kinda surprised mine was this rose ocean and not the original ocean but w/e maybe it's in an older e-mail acct
  5. aww it's sweet to see my member title Sir Didymus again bc i just watched that movie again recently :') aw man tho we don't have the old mt emoji? 😩
  6. hey if ur there i was wondering why this side of the forum is no longer private? i think that even if it’s easy to register lots of people posted things with the expectation of semi privacy, just a thought i am more likely to stick around if the board runs well again and with this update that seems promising esp as the software seems to be the same as the board @Hector Gilbert mentioned
  7. the front page image changed, but it still links to http://www.mortigitempo.com/too_bored instead of the new http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo
  8. afaik nobody knows, but it's been inaccessible by anyone for a few weeks, almost a month? this is what i have heard
  9. some people are using reddit, others converged on theannextm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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