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  1. And me the weirdo who had always thought amnesiac was greater than the sum of its parts and yet also has the best songs of the 2 albums
  2. yeah amnesiac has still always been my favorite and the one i reach for in that mood but kid a is a close second
  3. this wasn't true for me, which i know because i even had the passwords saved to automatically to be entered in my phone, which didn't work after it came back up and didn't work if i manually entered what i know they were, but anyway i reset this one and that at least worked i appreciate not wanting to let the history die! you've done this community better than whoever ran atease and lost everything by forgetting(?) to pay the bill and it's nice to have forum software from this decade that can actually load reliably again and easily embed stuff 😊 hope it doesn't cost you too much congrats on the children! ❤️
  4. the front page image changed, but it still links to http://www.mortigitempo.com/too_bored instead of the new http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo
  5. one good thing we got goin is this one i feel emotionally paralyzed on mediums that don't have it
  6. yeah what also i'm constantly lamenting the fact that i can never find this one plus i lurve the lolsad and the rolling lol is another fav and every variation of tears would be appreciated
  7. hmmm not sure if i ever use this one: mostly i'm on mobile so i have to memorize the ones i use yeah still think rolleyes is better and risa is one that i always get amused thinking about the GRTers i used to see using it i think
  8. i came around to more recently quick search reveals at least lately it was mostly sleepy j and me, with a few from ryan, alan, ray and more!
  9. The Eraser had the best fucking art but I barely listened to it so idk those tattoos are the prettiest but i wouldn't get em some really dedicated fans there, but that one giant tattoo looks much better on the shoulders than as a tramp stamp
  10. man this is tough, really sorry man glad you had such a great memory mwith him
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