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  1. that jonny is the best one yet
  2. penny is saying that the opening to wolf at the door is commonly used because its a simple chord. see REM's everybody hurts and so forth
  3. "Bad artists copy, great artists steal." - Pablo Picasso Thom Yorke
  4. if i were drunk, id mistake that for thom's voice. its like how you can vaguely recognise things if you were to squint
  5. hey congrats kyri id be that -seraphim guy now following you
  6. hey cool, opening few seconds remind me of cat power's cover of 'sea of love'
  7. the chorus/hook is really well done, good job
  8. that birdsong thing from the artwork is too fucking freaky. the band are probably lounging back, laughing their bollocks off. maybe they wont release pt.2 and break up instead lol
  9. Yeah well I'm largely unimpressed by most of it
  10. I thought you liked Cosmogramma Hector What's the difference. Kid A, Ok C, Amnesiac, TKOL, In Rainbows, HTTT, The Bends, Pop is Dead 7", Pablo Honey
  11. Bloom 7/10 Magpie 7/10 Little by Little 7/10 Feral 7/10 Flying Lotus Flower 9/10 Codex 7/10 Give up the Ghost 8/10 Seperator 7/10 7.4/10 Almost masterpiece
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