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  1. It's Ok I guess. it's definitely not very interesting. Pretty predictable adter 'Pulled apart/hollow earth" I really hope Tom isn't done with Radiohead, because his new stuff is really bland, and radiohead's new stuff keeps getting better
  2. For some reason that cracks me up Life in a queef queef babies thinking about queef Planet Queef queefing in the aisle Morning queef those might have been said, but I'm not gonna read all the posts to make sure
  3. Blow Out Bulletproof Let Down Everything in it's right place Like Spinning plates A wolf at the door Weird Fishes
  4. I don't really want them to end up as one of those bands that lumbers on years after their time making crappy albums. They eventually should throw in the towel. Not yet though
  5. I don''t think you can accuse anyone of being pretentious in a thread you called "New Horizons in Mediocrity"
  6. Holy shit What the fuck is this I mean it's awesome, but what the fuck
  7. the other night i listened to IR high, Reckoner was the one that jumped out. Probably because it has so much going on. The backing vocals and violins and everything in the "Riplles on a blank shore" bit was amazing
  8. There's another video with the opening to casino royale. I like this one better, although the Casino Royale has a really well put together version of the song
  9. Oh, yea, I get the idea of mentioning the Holy Roman Empire, but it sounds out of place when he doesn'nt try to work it into any lyrics or phrases, but just says it
  10. pyramid song let down all I need also the second verse of there there is probably the best bit of radiohead lyrics in my opinion "There's always a siren singing you to shipwreck Stear Away from these rocks you'd be a walking disaster" and "We are accidents waiting to happen" is great too
  11. I love the hot car line, but the "On Raindrops" lyrics is not only awful, but that whole climax ruins the entire song also "Oh, it's the best thing that you ever had, the best thing that you ever, ever had. It's the best thing that you ever had, the best thing you have had has gone away." not a bad lyrics, but it becomes one when you sing it four times and the random 'Holy roman empire" in You and Whose Army is embarrassingly out of place
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