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  1. Sounds pretty cool. http://pitchfork.com/news/46461-radiohead-producer-nigel-godrich-forms-new-band/
  2. Outstanding! They do a great job with the mix (unlike SNL). Any air date yet?
  3. It would get harder to choose the more I thought about it, but 15 Step @ 2:38-2:53 would be a top candidate.
  4. I agree entirely. The fact that we're asking this question is a testament to the album's restrained (except for Bodysnatchers, I guess) and congruent guitar work. It's incredibly mature, but without a loss of energy.
  5. Dig it. Would have made for an insane Radiohead song, though.
  6. The electronic beat drops out for four bars starting at 3:38, which helps to get a feel for the acoustic rhythm by itself. To me, it's really fascinating to try isolating one beat or the other, and then letting the other one back in - definitely an incredible song.
  7. I would definitely second (or third?) "I Will" - just haunting.
  8. Although I've loved every track on the album at some point, I'll have to go with Skip Divided.
  9. I think Street Spirit would be really awesome. Goosebumps just thinking about it.
  10. I guess I'm sort of a sucker for electro. I mean, maybe it's perceived as mindless and repetitive, but you know, have to just take it for what it is. Obviously they're not as good as the originals - that goes without saying. If nothing else, it's interesting to hear a new arrangement of such brilliant raw material.
  11. Following this thread all day was totally worth it now.
  12. Treefingers works well as a sort of intermission from an otherwise intense, attention-demanding album. I can't imagine the Kid A without it, but I don't typically listen to it outside the context of the album. It gets my vote only because EVERY other song on the album is so strong.
  13. 1). "X will mark the place - like parting the waves. Like a house falling in the sea . . . in the sea." 2). "'One little leak becomes a lake,' says the tiny voice in my earpiece."
  14. Strange coincidence - I just read that as well (and came here looking for more). I'm sure this has already been discussed ad nauseam, but for me, the production techniques are what set Radiohead apart from every other band in the world. (In Rainbows is a reverb masterclass.) Interesting to learn that it may not be as scientific as I'd supposed, but I'm sure part of that is just modesty on the part of Nigel. Anyway, it really is a fortunate partnership - I guess that's an understatement.
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