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  1. I'll prob be at either the SLC or Vegas shows
  2. Just popping in to say Pittsburgh was one of my favorite shows I've been to. I loved the setlist and Thom was so interactive. Not sure if I agree this is for sure the end. But they are in a very comfortable space as a band. That could mean the end is near. But I've been thinking they were done since 2005 or so. They always seem to keep me guessing.
  3. They dont play optimistic NEARLY enough IMHO, especially now that they have 2 drummers.
  4. I don't think the prices of GA will drop a ton. But you could wait to day before or something and see if people lower the price. It's a gamble I would say. I found some GA on stub hub for about 150 (plus 40!!!!!! in fees). Some of the tickets say instant download. Are those going to work without CC to ID of original purchaser??
  5. I'm getting so fucking crazy about GA tickets never even being available to most of us. Something has to change. I failed 4 times getting even a single GA ticket. I was willing to fly basically anywhere. Fuck this shit. I miss the old days when it was hard, but you almost always got what you wanted with a little elbow grease.
  6. Why does everything have to be so stupid in this forum? We can't talk about anything without some serious bullshit going down.
  7. Honestly, that del Rey song sounds pretty similar. But Radiohead have a few songs that are dangerously similar to songs that came before too, including Creep. And they dont need the money. This seems a bit out of character.
  8. I've seen B and M 2-3 times live. and Go Slowly once---May 2008---all after D2 was released
  9. I think I need to learn more about the technical side of music. Just reading why many of you love Videotape has peeked my interest.
  10. Pretty excited actually. I love that Brazilian vibe
  11. I would have listed videotape ahead of BS all the way up until about 2 years ago. For some reason BS just clicked with me live, especially that bridge. So much energy live. Videotape is wonderful--I used to have it in my top 10 RH songs period. But it has really dwindled for me lately. I think it is just kind a phase I am in. I haven't been into slower RH songs lately, whereas they were my fav a few years ago.
  12. Best to Worst: Reckoner House of Cards Nude 15 Step Weird Fishes Bodysnatchers Videotape Jigsaw All I Need Faust Arp
  13. There is nothing special about the song to me. It is kinda fun, I guess. But it just does nothing for me, at least relative to many of RH's other songs.
  14. Ah, makes sense. I love some of the early versions, especially with the electric guitar. But despite "playing" the guitar, I'm afraid music theory has gone right over my head.
  15. No idea what most of that means, but I want to hear those versions!
  16. I would def place Eraser above any of Thom's other projects. But then again, I would place the Eraser above several RH albums too
  17. I think you are missing the point. What you don't think is a big deal may be very hurtful or even just annoying to others. And you don't have to go around constantly worried about who is offended or not. But when someone tells you they are offended or annoyed or whatever by something you said, especially in a open forum with people from all over the world who have so many perspectives and experiences, why is it upsetting to you? You don't even have to reply, if you are so inclined. But a simple apology or correction of behavior seems pretty civil. If you accidentally offended someone in person, would you turn it back on them and play the victim, or would you attempt to understand them and see what their point or perspective is? Would you tell them to their face that the experiences they have had that led them to being offended are not valid, that they are in fact the ones who have a problem, not you? I doubt it. Most of us would at least listen.
  18. I will def give it a listen again. It's been awhile. When it came out, though, I listened to it a ton. I'm really excited to see Thom play some of it live with Nigel next month!!
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