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  1. Here's a piece of it. Pretty creepy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da3q2RG6O04&list=PL9KjphY2TOi9Sp6pSnXwCDZJ_mbSSLtcr Reminds me of a time I hit my head and had a concussion.
  2. Street Spirit (Fade Out). I have been planning on having my kids cover this for sometime. I was listening to it on repeat in preparation when the Tsunami hit in Japan. Watching the news report with Street Spirit playing in the background was a deeply spiritual experience. Every word fit the images I was seeing. I decided to make a video for YouTube as a community wide project and as a fund-raiser for the poor children in Japan that are still homeless and many orphaned. I have a lot of this ready to go but await permission from EMI. Some of you might remember our cover of a couple of years ago that was posted on Green Plastic. Help please.
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