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  1. The question is - do they have backups of the sounds synth setups etc etc or are they lost?
  2. You're quite the player, currently on the pitch playing against Croatia and still managing to reply.
  3. A normal indie band could just get new guitars etc and carry on.. yea. Radiohead are using some unique stuff with this TKOL heavy tour, lots of computer based stuff. Is that so easily and quickly replaceable?? In maintaining optimism though, perhaps they'll continue the tour with a stripped back, less tech heavy set.
  4. Aaah... Im not so sure now man. My main worry is regarding all their equipment. 2 weeks till Italian dates, and there's no telling when they'll even find out the extent of the damage to their stuff buried under the scaffolding in Canada, never mind recover it. Trying to stay optimistic too, but expecting bad news. Where are/were you seeing them? We were/are Villa Manin on July 4th.
  5. It's perhaps a bit soon to ask, both in terms of sensitivity, and for valid guesses.. but what do you guys think about the likelihood of the tour continuing? My initial personal thoughts were that they will, but Im not so sure anymore. Yes, I have a vested interest - due to see then in Italy next month.
  6. Pretty sure she'll say yes... but yea man, GOOD SHOUT! I'll wait till later in the show, if I find the balls to do it in the 1st place. Also, I was thinking Codex also.
  7. I don't blame you if there's an element of jealousy in your replies.. I'm one lucky lucky fucker. Also, I reckon my profile pic is quite apt for here. You've seen the video for Lotus Flower, right??
  8. So, it was my Birthday recently.. and my Girlfriend got me just the best gift she could.. I'm going to see Radiohead at Villa Manin in Italy, 4th July!!! How awesome is that?!!!! To be honest, it hasn't actually sunk in yet! Anyway, a few questions... Are any of you so concerned at the lack of UK date announcements that you're thinking of booking a show abroad? Should I propose to her at the gig? If yes, during which song?! I have an idea of my own, but would welcome suggestions!
  9. 4pm New York time would be 9pm GMT. 'Curiously, I can't find any mention of Radiohead on NPR's site.' - If you were looking on the page I linked above, it's all podcasts from their shows yesterday. Hopefully Radiohead's interview will be on that page tomorrow. In saying that - I couldn't find any mention elsewhere on their site either - you'd think they'd mention it.
  10. Looking at the NPR (All Songs Considered) site, they seem to make available a podcast of every show on their site the next day, so we SHOULD be able to hear it when we want on Friday, if we miss the actual live play of it. Bookmark this page and check it from time to time over the next 24 hours. - http://www.npr.org/p...ngs-considered/ Derp - edited.
  11. I wasn't aware they were such separate entities. Explains a lot. Thanks for clearing that up.
  12. No, you're pretty much correct. The BBC has the distribution rights, which means stations like Canal+ et al have to pay the BBC in order to be able to broadcast it. To be fair to the BBC, they probably paid Radiohead a tidy amount for these rights, and Radiohead may also get a cut of any distribution sales to other stations. It's still a bit of a mystery quite why it hasn't yet been shown in Britain via the BBC though.
  13. There's been a major f*ck up somewhere along the way. I reckon it'll be the first and last time Radiohead will work with the BBC in a distribution sense. Hope the furore doesn't affect any possibility of a Jools Holland appearance...
  14. Citation - http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/bbcworldwide/worldwidestories/pressreleases/2011/05_may/radiohead.shtml
  15. Radiohead unfortunately don't hold the rights to it - the BBC currently does. It will hopefully become more freely available in time, once the BBC have made money selling the rights to other stations Worldwide. There ARE torrents of it available online if you search for it.
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