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  1. hello! i stopped coming here too, but i suppose mor(tigi)bid curiosity led me to do the name vain search. let's skype, sometime! or something! hope you're well and good and good and well! emily p

  2. well you had me at "quite cheap"

  3. i brought it to you now you gotta bring it back

  4. and facts are facts and yours need some checking

  5. i think u got ur facts askew dude

  6. i'm sure there is nice in you

  7. hey remember when you were nice

  8. can you post more cat pix meow meow

  9. you're here, you're queer, i'm used to it

  10. well i wish for less miserly work on your horizon. my cat grows fat, her eyes plead, "wet food. wet food. wet food." i've no choice but to crack open the can and reap the benefits: more cushion for the penelope pushin

  11. for clarification: your cat is a perfect cat, definitely not a maine c, i hate everything about everything i "do" rolling on the floor laughing my butt off

  12. google! lol indeed. i think my real question re cat was is it a maine coon. i'm going to ogle cat now thank you

  13. what kind of cat and job

  14. accumulating dust bunnies dusty roads dusty rhodes and yours?

  15. okeedoke! i will add ur a$$

  16. would it be uncouth to say everything?

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