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  1. how did he actually rank them i'm not watching this fuckshit
  2. they've played those places. i live in nashville where they will never play. i've seen them twice.
  3. dude trust me. it was a tough call. but i don't give any fucks about RHCP and i didn't want to pay for two weekend passes to only go two days, plus the extra hotel night and i would have had to take off monday i know i know
  4. i like colin's haircut. he was looking suave at lolla
  5. No I went to Lolla... Only bought Friday passes so didn't get to see LCD unfortunately.
  6. i spent like $400 a piece for pit tix for atlanta in 2008 and was worth every penny
  7. pretty much the only band i'll spend stupid amounts of money on to see
  8. i bought plane tickets, two festival tickets, and two nights in a hotel to see them over the weekend so cry me a fucking river
  9. The owe it to the fans to do large and medium shows.
  10. I can confirm they did not do any large shows, just small shows and festivals.
  11. Because the fact that they played small shows cannot be overlooked.
  12. Also it's worth noting they played small shows AND festivals.
  13. shep proudfoot


    cause they didnt play them?
  14. shep proudfoot


    shit is just so annoying. what's the purpose of not just releasing it?
  15. shep proudfoot


    goddamnit they already killed it
  16. shep proudfoot


    i do like how thom changed the lyrics at the end of 2+2=5 to "DONALD TRUMP"
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