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  1. how did he actually rank them i'm not watching this fuckshit
  2. they've played those places. i live in nashville where they will never play. i've seen them twice.
  3. dude trust me. it was a tough call. but i don't give any fucks about RHCP and i didn't want to pay for two weekend passes to only go two days, plus the extra hotel night and i would have had to take off monday i know i know
  4. i like colin's haircut. he was looking suave at lolla
  5. No I went to Lolla... Only bought Friday passes so didn't get to see LCD unfortunately.
  6. i spent like $400 a piece for pit tix for atlanta in 2008 and was worth every penny
  7. pretty much the only band i'll spend stupid amounts of money on to see
  8. i bought plane tickets, two festival tickets, and two nights in a hotel to see them over the weekend so cry me a fucking river
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