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  1. All I know is 1. Amnesiac Some other albums
  2. thjis is a rly weird poll my brain can't really process it? people are basically voting for which songs are their favs on each album?
  3. take the hint skujjy wujjzy!!!
  4. so what's the down low on dis? anyone watched the documentary?
  5. this song makes me feel 19 and the pre IR hype levels of intensity! the video is incredible, think these 2 videos are the first time i've really paid attention to their music videos outside of lotus flower haha.
  6. i listened to this! i think i missed one or two thom yorke albums?? anyway i like a guess again
  7. does everyone browse exclusively on tablets/phones which don't support adblock?
  8. is this the only thread on this? is this side of the board dead or something?
  9. Pretty sure i had this issue when i was back in cape town for my dad's funeral, couldn't mt from home pc, didn't try proxies tho. Jonathan think about all the delish potential ad money you're losing!
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