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  1. `n Vliegtuig


    Not particularly, 29 year old chileans angling for their last big contract in Europe where they can become the league's best paid player tells us more about football and money in 2018. Arsenal being a joke of a club is an argument that can be made based on a variety things, the Alexis swap deal tho, not really.
  2. interesting thing about star wards, asia doesn't give a fuck
  3. Any of these mooted changes to happen for the sydney or melbourne tests? Or rather a post whitewash ritual cleansing?
  4. but yeah guess it generally applies, AB with the gloves wasn't quite the same. Hopefully quinny can become more consistent while still keeping tho SA | India 1st test Cape Town Jan 5 i really fucked up by not being home this christmas
  5. the south africans always pull through lekker gespeel dawie
  6. a couple more before the close of play and i retract my retractment
  7. Looks like this is gonna be a good ashes. Will keep me entertained until the big boys kick off in the new year at least
  8. Interesting Aus ranked something like 6th and lost to the banglas so surely england will be lookinh for a 4-1 series defeat At least we know there won't be any draws with this aus/eng generation
  9. Ummmmmmmmmm think you'll find its '07 that brought the magik
  10. no good options for north korea, dialogue better than alternatives but still not very productive. recent NK missile test is due to annual US/ROK mass drills happening in south korea currently. like bleesh said, sanctions are ineffective or for them to be effective would have to hurt ordinary people, pressuring china will not work. and like ryan said the issue with NK tension has always been miscalculation on any side.
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