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  1. my radiohead favourite tracks ever are let down motion picture soundtrack fake plastic trees idioteque there there
  2. cool then.... oh no no we really care reaally! oh no really!
  3. i wannnt How to Disappear Completely & In Limbo of Canal + (Video) pleasse
  4. well, i think this is the worst topic ever even if your the guy who is not funny but makes laught, it wasen't funny....
  5. song full of emotion, i love the last verse, wonderfull, sooo emotion wehn thom sing "one daay im gonna grow some wings" just beautiful
  6. I'll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches
  7. well if you didn't know, i want none of it is very very blues jazz relax i jope that the LP7 will be very jazzy
  8. sasteyepj you shut up stupid thread = stupid ansewrs now go blow your brain pleas thx you'r the dumbasse
  9. this thread is intersing because exit music = sad depresif song self destruction optimistic = happy song cool nice
  10. mky, why we can't download the videos on your site ?
  11. no surprises morning bell/amnesiac scatterbrain kid a street spirit
  12. where bluebirds fly boring ? eer sorry but mps is a sad song with no drums and where bluebirds fly a electro cool song even if i voted for mps, mps is by far more boring, but beautiful.
  13. wow now thats hard because backdrifts is like idioteque N2 like airbag is planet telex N2 you see... well i vote idioteque even if my heart is for httt
  14. Scatterbrain live video at eurockennes 2003 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XT9OJJ37
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