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  1. eer Sweet Song by blur is by far more relaxing
  2. ignored too, i don't see why he have post this picture..
  3. oh how did you found that link ? i have watched this video on tv, i though it coul dbe cool if the guy is in the song cause he have a problem with one eye but no actually it sucks! really, i would have prefere not been in front of my tv at this time.
  4. Idioteque live video at eurockeennes 2003 :: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DL6WAR0D can someone upload idioteque live video at SNL please ?!
  5. you didn't upset me at all man but everytime someone say "i have vote national" or "i have vote street" i got something to say, peopel vote what they want like you, it's just boring too see you answer after someone who have say witch song he have vote just shut up a little bit
  6. can you shut up radiohedonist a little bit please ?!
  7. oh fuck sake i can't stop playing let down now (on my player and on the guitar, and singing lalallaaaaaa) such a pretty SONG! and not such a pretty house
  8. lol is that a joke ? i don't even say witch song i voted, it's soo easy and stupid where i end and you begin com'on! seriously million porno question sucks next to where i fuck and you suck
  9. the national spirit street anthem (loool!) ah well hard one the national anthem ah noooo street spirit finally sorry!
  10. please can someone upload optimistic live video at dublin ONLY on MEGAUPLOAD.COM, please ?!
  11. omg thank you soo much! but can you please put optimistic on megaupload.com please ? cause i try soo long for optimistic but the load always breaks in the middle
  12. radiohead have never play a full band version of last flowers
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