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  1. Full radiohead live video at BBC Jools Holland Show : http://youtube.com/watch.php?v=rCWV_foTZUY&search=radiohead
  2. ah fuck i love nice dream but man these threads are getting harder i love There There
  3. omg this is soo hard i love too much these two songs but a reminder is one of my fav b sides, so im gonna help this song! damn thread
  4. Bishope's Homesick Alien Subterranean Homesick Robes ah well Subterranean Homesick Alien is soo cool, drug song.
  5. this is the worst thread ever How to Disappear Completely is one o the best track of radiohead, one of the best track of kid a at least and lozenge of love is not cool
  6. lol, im not a moron, i was just tired it's not because i try to foudn a discution in a lycris that im moron i don't know actualy who is the moron, the guy who say it, or the guy who try someting interesing ?! ah well fuck off, don't come here if your not funny anyway, thanks HeYpReStO101 i like you too kay this thread suck, i was tired
  7. 1.nice rare pic 2.i like you rasahead but why post a new useless thread for that, here, in the radiohead place ?!
  8. thanks a lot someone have fake plastic trees from glastonbury 2003 pliz ?! (megaupload only please ?!)
  9. You know you can change a song into a discution...check out fog : - Hey, there's a little child..running round this house - ..and he never leaves..?! - Yeha, He will never leave..and the fog comes up from the sewers, and glows in the dark - Oh yeha...Baby alligators in the sewers grow up fast.. - Well, Anything you want it can be done! - How did you go bad ? - ...Well somethings will never wash away !.. or another song ?!
  10. eyah you really rock, if you want something from me, ask me free, i will upload anything for you, im ya bitch lol
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