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  1. Oh my god, i am downloading this, i can't believe it, its a video live of electionnering! thank you soo mutch, you almost make my dreams become thrue lol
  2. I don't know why peopel can think of thom "he is crazy" i mean...he just live his music..
  3. He have already post it, there is Blow Out acoustic : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=11ETM5OD Yeha i have this live a few moments ago, its a great live, thom is really IN the music, i just love this live
  4. oh my godness, i love you (by the way, this is the best site ever on Radiohead)
  5. But wait dude, these are all videos ? (sorry for my bad english, i was born in america but i live sense i am a little baby in france, i lost a little bite my english...) i would love the live of electionnering, there there (thom & jonny), street spirit live, stop whispering single, but you do whatever you want..
  6. Wow well thanks, you guys are very nice (well i think that megaupload is fast, well fast enought for me lol) well do you have a lsit of video lives that you have pleaaase ?
  7. Hey people im new here, i was just cheking this great theard, it's really a great job dudes, but can you PLEAAASE stop sending with "yousendit" because almost ALL the links that you have post a expired Megaupload.com was just perfect! so can you at least psot it on megauplead & yousendit, then everybody is happy ? oh well i know, you are busy maybe, and you msut got other stuff to do, whatever, just telling this.
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