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  1. Okey, every song gonna have a theard "i like this song gnagnagna" ? oh shit com'on...
  2. Oi thanks for the live of street spirit, downloding it ^^ kate : thanks soo mutch, im gonna get this live, oh and by the way, i love your new avatar, sweeeeeeeet EDIT : oh my god the live of street spirit..i've never seen that before..the publci who is screaming : "street spirit, street spirit, street spirit..." and thom who say "we love you" amazing live, if you can upload other videos of the same live (glastonbury 2003) this would be great, thanks again.
  3. You think that it's cool ?
  4. This theard is the biggest shit but this song is a fuckign great song, even the end when he sing "the raindrops" it makes me want to jump everywere, god.
  5. What the fuck ? are you stupid or something like that ? uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurh because i want to see how is the song in live..pfff
  6. Bingow! yes i did, but maybe it work because i have "InterVideo WinDVD 4" by the way, does someone have a live (video if you have) of Stop Whispering ?
  7. ya it work very well, maybe you need a special codec or something, cool video
  8. Oh my god ! a VIDEO LIVE of LIFE IN A GLASS HOUSE ! thank you soo soo soo soo soo soo soo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuutcha! love ya this video is great. thanks again
  9. Katekida is a girl psss...and she is not a real jerk, away not, she is right, your post is crap
  10. LOL i love when thom sing "laaaaaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaanalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  11. AAhhh well i have the video by msn, i have it full, great, thanks agian its an amazing live whatever, do you have other lives from the same live ? or do you have a live video of a punchup at a wedding or myxomatosis ?
  12. That is not the problem i think, because i have lots of videos FULL whatever my connexion is an ADSL but now i am downloading the video by MSN, hope it will be the FULL video
  13. Hey i have the great live of sit down. stand up, but i have a problem, when i have download the live, when the download was at 63% they say that is "finish" weird so i open it, and it's stop a 2:43 or something liek that, well then i delect it and try to download it again, in hope that the live would be full, but when i download it (by the link yousendit) it take only 1 sec and give me the same live, not full, can somebody tell me why it does that only to me, what can i do to have the full live of the song ? oh and it does the same for the videoclip at my iron lung, the video starts whe
  14. Omg, phil selway is singing on sit down, stand up, i never saw that before the live is amazing, great quality, the song in live is just perfect, you can't imagine how i love it, but the live is not full
  15. Damn the quality is great, im in love, but...there is not the end, my fav part the video stop just when it comes....
  16. ooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000000hhhhhhhh my god this is so great!!! thank you soo mutch your forget so easy, i am downloading this ^^
  17. I have already the version acoustic of airbag and i can say : its amazing, people who don't have it, don't wait, take it, its almost better than the original. and so, sit down, stand up, its almost over ? arrrg i can't wait to have it lol ^^
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