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  1. Bingo its her! thanks for the others cover, she got a perfect voice. hey people does someone have this live video FULL ??> http://www.bbc.co.uk/totp/artists/r/radiohead/video/radiohead_pyramid_song.ram <?? it's pyramid song from top of the pops...can't find the video full , please damn i still can't wait to the other video live acoustic!
  2. Im answering at the question, i don't know if someone as already answer well first at all, i don't know why you think thats wierd, the name is about music, so nothing wierd to me, whatever the name came from a musique called Radiohead from i don't remenber who, and at the time when th ebend strat that was one of the only songs they all like, so they have take the name.
  3. Because you just have the same prolbem than me. i already talk about it, and don't knwo why and where it came from, so find someone who can send you the video by msn or email or whatever, you will have the video full.
  4. Before been a fan of radioehad i was a fan of Muse but they just fcking pissed me off, today they jsut love to be popular and gonna do another album liek absolution, it fucking sucks...
  5. Oh and i saw that Jonny Greenwood just had a kid, a cuples days ago and what about ed ? colin ? phil ? do they have kids ?
  6. I Have jsut upload a cover of radiohead for a friend, so i post it here, maybe people will want it, its a girl called "Mary" who have cover Fog live version (piano), she got a perfect voice, go check it : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=06CXJSDN
  7. Hey Ol master can you upload the live video fog of this acosutic ? i just can't wait
  8. Ohb well, ok just wanted to know, thanks
  9. http://www.nndb.com/people/985/000030895/ what the fuck ? is that true ?
  10. Once again thank you kate, you are adorable ^^
  11. Oh my god,.... one of the best lvie i ever saw...amzing.. THANK YOU
  12. I can't find : Yes i am Good Morning Mr.Magpie Lift Million Dollar Question The Amazing Sounds of Orgy Trans atlantic-drawl This is all the faces-b that i need, i have all the faces-b of radiohead, exepct these..plese can someone share it ? upload it ? or sen dit to me by msn ? here is my msn : maniakteenspirit@hotmail.com
  13. WHAT ? cOLDPLAY BETTER THAN RADIOHEAD ? com'onn this little shit band are too scare to not be popular anymore, they do always the same shit, its always the same things...i hte them
  14. thank you EDIT : oh my god i know this live, but when it passed on tv, i wasen't interresed by radiohead, shame on me
  15. nothing, nothing, nothing Nothing (Talk Show Host) (this game is the best ever)
  16. Can someone put back on the video live of let down ? please
  17. Nice topic, but it will be nice to start to share ..
  18. Ya dude, i realise how Radiohead love they're public, its amazing! please please cna you put other videos of glasto ?
  19. Well me, i like more Sulk than Bones. (but i like the chorus of bones, nice)
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