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  1. you fuking rules, well you have post the best ocncert ever lol after if you want to post glasto (if you have time) im not gonna refuse but what ever you want, for now you have post the most beautiful concert ever for me.
  2. Almost every good musician have aband, what a question lol i do have a band, and why this theard is on radiohead part ?
  3. after all, radiohead are people liek everybody ouls, its not a mistake to know if they have kids, i don't even see the problem.
  4. LOL ya i will like to have go to sleep to (but maybe he don't have it)
  5. Jonny is sooO great, he got a big feelings when he play in lvie, it's amazing, he is great, im not a girl but i mean he really got the style.
  6. Yes, they are recording the new album. lol
  7. If that is thom yorke, then my father is jonny green wood com'on how can you think that is thom yorke ? tsss..
  8. I think that this live acoustic is one of the best live i ever saw in my life, maybe the best (but i have to see the rest, thansk again ol master) a punchup at a wedding is a fucking cool song dman it i love it in this live with the great great funky of jonny (love it) and the great sing of thom (i lveo when i improvised little sing in the song) jsut great, thanks soo mutch dude.
  9. YES! give up, you are playing at a game that you can't win...
  10. Thats it kids, Coldplay sucks, ok?! they say they are sacred to not been popular, to been hated, and that is fucking girls stuff! look at radiohead they are fucking popular but they have done stuff who disappointed fans, but they still sold many albums, coldplay are just doing ALWAYS the same thing, and this theard is a real shit cause they will be always a guy who don't agree with another and that make fight, damn it, close it.
  11. Ah shiiit , your forget so easy answer before me .. well its all i can say ol master..thanks soo mutch, its soo good to see people who like to share big stuff like that, its soo nice, thank again, love , peace, cheers. (can't wai to see the video lvie of a pucnhup, never saw that before!)
  12. grh..shiit...okey okey i give up..what do you want from me ? a video live of radiohead huh ? tssss
  13. Okeeey i saw stuf on radioeahd, so every menbers have a son exepct the brothers, and selway dedicated amnesiac to his son... ...
  14. Ol' Master> More than something really cool (give up your forget so easy, i will win..)
  15. Ol Master> my wife lol no but really, im moire than happy, you have make my day, thanks soo mutch
  16. and oooooooo my god i will is soo biouuuutiful in live ! thanks again
  17. What are you doing is soo great, thank you soo mutch,i can't believe it, its so nice, thanks again
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