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  1. well that's not nice, i have take lots a minute to upload it
  2. NP vino 2+2=5 live video at Letterman : http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1LS0ES6H10JRX0IE5VR79HNNEH enjoy
  3. I have the video live of 2+2=5 at letterman, i will upload it later loool ...mhhh..okey here is Fake Plastic Tress live acoustic : http://s4.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1XK8EBALU0KPL0YAZGOFKYKYFL enjoy
  4. Did i already upload the live aocustic of fake plastic trees ? cause if you want i can upload it..it's a beautiful acoustic
  5. Beatles fans can only be groupies, real fans or radiohead who listen to every album can't be a real groupie, at least they are open-minded, i say radiohead.
  6. Damn you're the best dude, a real legend, no really once again, right from the heart : THANK YOU
  7. Well listen to the song, not the lycris, well for lycris climbing up the walls are the most scary maybe, i don't know...
  8. Pete : oh well these are popular lives, i have it, you can find it easly on shareaza or maybeemule (i don't use it) but thanks Ol'master : can you PLEASE Upload WHERE I END, YOU BEGIN at GLASTONBURY 2003 !!!!! please please please please!!!!! i've never saw a video live and even ever lsiten to a live of where i end & you begin, so to have a video live of it AT GLASTONBURY 2003!!! it's a wish!!! please EDIT : oh my god this lvie is soo great, its AWAY mooore better than the original!
  9. Climbing up the walls We suck young blood are scrary for me
  10. God is alive, it's Ol'master! thanks soo mutch dude, really really...i mean it! thaannk youuuuu
  11. Oh yeha i have never seen where i end and oy begin in video live, i would love to, please
  12. Oh my god, you are my god, thnks soo mutch, this si soo nice, go to paradiz, lool. EDIT : oh dude i will love to have The Nationel Anthem from glasto to
  13. lugree its greatr, i love the name (because of what it means) and creep it is a great song, great lycris.
  14. Oi i will love yo have the video of climbing up the walls at glasto, never saw a video live of this song before but did they play fake plastic trees at glasto ? if yes, i really want to have it, pleassseeee
  15. Well i don't know for you guys, but i don't think that colin would have take the funy time to find a picture for his sign..thats wierd for me.
  16. how cool!! i think he is the best bassist, he really got a great game.
  17. Haaapy birthday oi was that really colin ?
  18. ooh yeah i imagine... i will put this full live on dvd, this should be great.
  19. I like some songs of palbo honey, but it's really sounds pop, but they didn't let themself eat by the showbizness (like muse now) and they have take better way, i think that "i can't" is really a great song, i also like very mutch blow out & stop whispering
  20. Ol'Master, just thank you once again, i really say it from the heart, this lvie acoustic is just the BEST live ever seen, for me, just...thank you, that's all i can say. love ya lol.
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