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  1. hunting bears is something great on guitar, it brings emotions, and have a beutiful melody!
  2. It's a live of "Faithless, The Wonder Boy" in 1993, don't know where it was, but as wierd it can be, i feel like it was played in japan... the file is in mpeg how do i turn it to wmv ?
  3. Hey i've got a rare video file of Radiohead that i want to put on Youtube, but the file is 106 Mb and they don't take more than 100 Mb, should i try ?! or is there anybody that knows how i can take of these 6 mb's ?! i've try to find something to cut of the video (little long intros of waiting for the song start or stuff like that) but when the video starts the song start at same time, same when it ends, so...is there anyway to change the quality of the video so i can take of these 6 mb ?! that would be great..
  4. Guess that was in 1995 when they needed to do promo for the single, anyway thanks a bunch!
  5. sorry for taking such a long time, here is 2+2=5 at jools holland 2003 : http://www.savefile.com/files/7405712
  6. high and dry at jools holland ? never heard of that, are you sure it's not the wrong show ?! can you upload it please ?!
  7. wow that was by far th ebest performance of the song! many thanks! i know they played that song and 2+2=5 at this live sho but did they play any other song ?!
  8. ..just thank you man, thank you, thank you, and thank you.
  9. damn this link has been blocked, can you upload it on rapidshare or sendspace or savefiles (that woudl be better so the link don't get expired or anything) pleas please i've been searching for this live for years! anyway thanks!
  10. better than the proper one ? aww thank you soo much
  11. Thom is a saver Thom is our heroe Thom the next president! We love you!
  12. glastonbury 2003 is the biggest gig of radiohead.
  13. Thank you guys, that's very nice the idea of the video was first to give an image of the song, we think that's it's a very emotions & sweet song, so we putted some videos of "good moments" of radiohead, you can feel how you want about it, as long you feel something while watching this.
  14. more than 40 people have view this thread..please leave some advice! anyway thanks a lot roxie
  15. i don't know, cause it didn't happen, but a world without this useless thread would have been better
  16. http://youtube.com/watch?v=PPucyPmkBBc By me & a friend (i've posted a long time ago but now it's one youtube so you can watch it when you want and tell what you think about it!) THIS IS OUR FIRST VIDEO EVER please don't be soo mean
  17. Exit Music Nice Dream Electioneering Motion Picture Soundtrack
  18. I'm searching for an artwork for the acoustic of thom & johnny at le reservoire, arte ?!
  19. we don't care about your fucking shit & poor advice on oasis & the gallaghers, electronic
  20. okay this is getting stupid discuss, just try to answer at the name of topic if anyone find more stuff on the question please let us know
  21. well.."sometimes its just gets me so much that I cant hold it back anymore " com'on dudes, stop stupid threads..
  22. liam is fucking stupid & hilarious, but his style is fucking cool.
  23. there's a lot to read here, i'm back and i wanted to know if radiohead did say something about i froze up ? did they say they have record it ? i love that song soo much, it would be great if this song is on the new album!
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