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  1. aw it's been almost a year he is been posting this, somebody help him! sorry but i don't have any live that you want
  2. nice dream com'on!!! how can i be the only one who request it ?!
  3. Omg i just realised that it was the gig where they played nice dream in the last tour, PLEASE UPLOAD NICE DREAM FROM THAT GIG i'll also enjoy if you upload talk show host, the gloaming, sit down stand up, i might be wrong, please this is an important request ol master!
  4. lol Radiohead never played live since this has been recorded so no live, sorry. maybe they'll play it soon, hope it's gonna be on LP7!
  5. my requests : i have oyu and whose army, the bends & talk sho whost from Rock Am Ring 2001, does anyone have more videos frm that gig festival please ?! is there any trickster live video with a good audio ?! does someone have street spirit video from west palm beach 2003 ?! where i end and you begin from eurock
  6. MTV2 played that song on tv but it was played on MTV2 actually it was at canal + (paris, france)
  7. now does anyone have exit music video from glastonbury 2003 it must exist! someone please!
  8. thanks budy oh just to tell you guys, cause i'm french and all, you've got to wrote it like that : "Eurockéennes" thanks again!
  9. Can someone upload some random rare videos of radiohead in good quality ?! and can someone PLEASE upload fake plastic trees from eurockéennes 2003 video ?!
  10. deos someone have ALL the performance of radiohead at jools holland ? i love them please!
  11. well wieayb isn't great in live anyway, but that version is better than the other ones.
  12. no, i'm just "wowing" at your bad taste.
  13. well this is an beautiful magic song, but here it's the "worst b-side" so please don't talk about this song here, it hurts.
  14. Coke babies and paperbag writer are just awesome worst for me is Lewis
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