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  1. and i realize that radiohead are still doing amazing music, they don't even get old and crap in music, they are the best band definitely.
  2. shit dude, that's awesome, vocal line is perfect.
  3. Radiohead @ Copenhague setlist : Everything In It's Right Place Planet Telex Bangers and Mash Open Pick Karma Police Black Star Nude 15 Step Street Spirit Wolf At The Door The Bends 4 Minute Warning Pyramid Song House Of Cards idioteque Spooks There There E1: Bodysnatchers You And Whose Army Let Down Paranoid Android E2 : Lucky OH MY FUCKING GOD HOLY SHIT SHIT SHIT LET DOWN LIVE BLACK STAR LIVE OMG CANT WAIT FOR BOOTLEG OMG HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT
  4. Radiohead - Upload and Share! But No Commercially Available Tracks Thanks Sorry "I Am Sam"
  5. guitar is aweomse, vocal isn't great, could done better.
  6. you can find every video and audio of that gig, search more on the forum, other threads.
  7. soryr guys i was wrong about comparing this song to punchup, i got such a bad quality now i got a good quality and acutally this song sounds awesome and dosen't soudsn that similar to EIIRP
  8. does anyone have "you" from pinkpop 1996 video please ?
  9. this song sucks, the tempo is the same idea of everything in it's right place, the piano notes are almost the same of punchup, i'm dissapointed.
  10. oh com'on bodystuffgnagna is cool but cymbal rush is just a mixed of everything in it's right place & punchup at a wedding.
  11. is it me or the sound of the riff sounds like punchup at a wedding style ?
  12. important request : does anyone have the live video of street spirit at west palm beach 2003 ?! the website where i used to find the videos from that gig got down please!
  13. yeha try to upload live rare video in good quality please
  14. well if it's from dublin it's fucking nice quality, at least the best live quality of this song (i said from toronto because of the guy who said it was bad quality, cause toronto is not great quality at least compared to this live) anyway can you give a list of all the videos of radiohead live you have ?
  15. let me guess : kid a live from porto 2002 or eurockeennes 2003 optimistic live from toronto 2000 in libmo from pinkpop 2001 am i wrong ?
  16. hey ol'master can you upload some more vids from the new jersey gig ? i can't wait to see "i might be wrong" thx
  17. they did 3 albums more like pop rock and 3 others like electro stuff, an don the last ones (amnesiac & httt) they did some jazzy stuff and sounds awesome, they really shoudl work this out.
  18. well actually you just have to click on it, not right click and save, just left click and wait... anyway -.-' here's the links for savefiles : http://www.savefile.com/projects/613183
  19. alright, i'm gonna try tonight to put them on savefiles... ah damn it...
  20. no yu just have to click on the file. and i'm not reuploading these files, cause anyone in this world can download the files that i've uploaded on sendspace, if you don't understand then i can't help you more cause this is a very clear, just need to click on the file and wait few secs, if it says the serv is too busy, try again and again.
  21. - AUDIOS - (please everyone, when you upload, say if it's audio or video, that would be better) Radiohead - Sulk (Live @ Japan 1995) : http://www.sendspace.com/file/ur3761 Radiohead - Sulk (Live @ Reading UK 1994) : http://www.sendspace.com/file/ti6j9c Radiohead - Paranoid Android (Acoustic) : http://www.sendspace.com/file/wxhv2g
  22. http://58hours.com/58_performancehistory.php?trackID=85 there must be a video of bishop's robe live! i'm sure! somebody...please ?!
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