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  1. >> http://youtube.com/watch?v=vaPvCdZi6dc << Live video of Faithless The Wonderboy, the file was very big to upload, 106 mb, but youtube don't take file over 100 mb so i had to cut of 3 sec of the outro of the song, but that's not big deal, enjoy it and you can tell what you think of it!
  2. nop, the promo wasn't commercial, you can't buy it, it's not to sell, so you can upload it.
  3. you really must have crap ears to think that it's thom anyway that's awesome cover, nice job, how did you made that, with what ?!
  4. I've try to found some leak version on shareaza but only fakes .. anyway, thanks for making sure it was a lie. kidaak : fuck you.
  5. and how could you know better ?! anyway i'm on aim and kidaak dosen't answer.
  6. I'm the one who uploaded this video and i think it's great live, different than album, lovely, the emotion in thom's voice is still here and that's important.
  7. omg wallpapers of jonny <3 please keep it up
  8. national anthem bassline is awesome but very boring, same all the long and not very complete just 3 different notes, i think where i end and you vbegin is more searched and cool,
  9. Alright, still wiating for the rest of the videos of new jersey 2003 ol master..
  10. Hey, actually i'm HTTT on Youtube and i upload lots of Radiohead videos (most live), and i've saw that Greenplastic added lots of my videos (arpeggi live, thom & jonny funny interview, trickster live...) and that really makes me happy, cause i try my best to upload rare radiohead videos live and cool stuff, so it's nice to see that many people are interesed! peace, love you all, keep sharing.
  11. Ol Master, we are still waiting for the rest of the videos from the gig new jersey 2003, thanks.
  12. Yhea i know but actually there is not video of it, shame
  13. Well actually when thom did the song as a demo it was on guitar so it's possible to play it again on a guitar you dumb.
  14. Hi, do you guys have Idioteque video from Pinkpop 2001 ?! please it's very important for me
  15. ol master your sign is the best ever anyway i think the drum gives a good punch for the song, looks like radiohead is decided to not make sleep the public anymore, it reminds me of let down, the drums gives a big emotion, but i agree with you, drums stykle like sail to the moon would have been cool too
  16. it is really awesome isn't it ?! you can download the file here : http://download.yousendit.com/B66B8D0F076BC853
  17. well i was the one who uploaded for you guys, didn't thought that it was already uploaded, fuck.
  18. http://youtube.com/watch?v=VC-AwONjhVA Just look.. nothing to say.. completely awesome.
  19. Hey, i need the video of In Limbo live MTV2 (Canal + Show) 2001, anyone have this ?! oh and does anyone have talk shwo host from jools holland 2001 please ?
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