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  1. yeah..and its mostly full of thom pictures (not that there is anything wrong with that..)
  2. I dreamed that after a radiohead show nearly everyone had left and there were Ed and Thom just hanging out at the side of the stage..about 7 feet away from me so i HAD to say something even though i was incredibly nervous. I said something like this: "I just have to say something. You are my favorite band and you make the most incredible music that I have loved for years. Please keep up the good work! And I just want to say thank you for everything. I will definitely be at the next show" and the whole time Thom and Ed were SUPER nice and had huge smiles. I was really surprised that they didnt think I was a freak. And at the end I shook Thom's hand and I remember thinking to myself this is the best thing thats ever happened to me in my life.
  3. Blow Out Just Karma Police Pyramid Song Idioteque 2+2=5 Reckoner
  4. i cant believe its been that long. i remember being so excited not only because of the amazing new songs but especially because new album=tour.
  5. im just stating a fact dude. they do wear emo hair and girl pants. and i do think its silly and i dont give a shit if thats being arrogant. do i think thom yorkes red pants are silly? yes. do i still adore him? yes. perhaps they think im silly for the way i dress. couldnt care less. im not offended by people not liking radiohead-i dont give a shit if they hate radiohead or radiohead fans. at the end of the day they can be pleased with their music and ill be pleased with mine. that doesnt mean im not allowed to chuckle inside about how they have to walk with their head tilted to maintain the part in their hair.
  6. ahh high school. just wear your radiohead shirt (if you have one) with pride around them and laugh at their stupid emo haircuts and girl pants.
  7. this was one of the projects i made for my 3d design class a couple of years ago...its a thom yorke/rh bear hybrid.
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