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  1. i wouldnt want anything but separator to end tkol, or anything but ghost to precede separator. i think the only space tkol has for extra songs are between lbl-feral and between codex-ghost, but neither of these songs feel good in those spots. butcher is jarring between codex and ghost, but redundant between lbl and feral (shares the drive and scariness of the songs on either side). supercollider feels like an unnecessary intermission between lbl and feral, but causes the second half to feel like it drags on when between codex and ghost - particularly because it shares anthemic dance song qualities with lotus and separator, and unnecessarily breaks up the percussion-free section. it makes that half of the album feel like a cheap on-off cycle as opposed to a progression. i think the best place for these are in a 'tkol b-sides' disc, or unofficial disc 2, or something like that. unfortunately radiohead has to actually release more songs for that to work and i'm starting to feel like that's going to be a very random and unreliable process. for now i'm grouping them up with TAMTW and harry patch. not super cohesive but it'll do for now.
  2. well i'm pretty sure i heard the exact same synth as was used in cymbal rush, and radiohead have been using cheesy synths to great effect since ok computer anyway.
  3. wtf are ego and mirror? supercollider really doesn't sound like solo thom to me, at least not any more so than the songs on TKOL. maybe the butcher. i think they both have enough going on and arrangement finesse to qualify as full on radiohead though.
  4. im going with supercollider now. it's got the whole package - epic melody that's impossible to get out of your head, good lyrics that can be taken more than one way, immaculate sound-sculping with lots of layers, etc etc. the butcher is all about that middle section where the beat is at its angriest and the melody is at its catchiest but everything else is a build up or cooldown from that and it's not as rewarding to me as supercollider in the end.
  5. those drums are sick what are you talking about
  6. ive been working on a new song in preparation for round 2 provided i make it that far, but songwriting is like shitting a yacht for me. edit: btw my song is recorded, i just don't feel like fucking around with the sound tonight.
  7. it's great and all, second best batch of b-sides behind amnesiac, but i can tell why them left them off. even down is the new up sort of lacks layers compared to the main album, and bangers and mash... oh god, bangers and mash. when that goofy little lead guitar tone comes in i'm just like the theme of IR 2 seems to be 'conspicuous flaws in great songs'
  8. either way i'm just a little surprised at how good these sound. i was half expecting in rainbows bonus disc type stuff - good songs with potential that didn't quite pan out the way the band was hoping when they tried to record them.
  9. yeah, but it's also got that extended jam feel, and the watery piano plonking away in the background. a piano part, by the way, which was kind of a turn off for me when it was just thom solo, but it works really well with all the parts put together.
  10. um right now the butcher, but it's kinda like having to pick between cuttooth and the amazing sounds of orgy.
  11. would be best if he interchanges the two
  12. maybe between codex and give up the ghost? if you want to go that route anyway. personally my unofficial tkol bonus disc is coming along nicely.
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