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  1. I am glad you like it and see something interesting in it

  2. Ah yes, that was done on several layers of tracing paper, so the signing thing just escaped me.

  3. Yaaaaay! I am really glad! Did it reach you unbent?

  4. Hey Noggykins, can you PM me your address? Also, I think you sent me £5 too much

  5. Sex Fabregas has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "New comment from Sex Fabregas".

  6. Hey, no worries, I was in the middle of a LoL match and didn't even see it!

  7. craniums are delicious

  8. It's okay VV, I just want you to feel happier <3

  9. Thank you Ireeeeeenee

  10. This is incredibly sweet, thank you. I think I'll be alright in the end.

  11. Yup, that's me irl :>

  12. Glad to hear that.

  13. Hey Vivs, your book is fucking amazing. I mean, that's like BA level work. Seriously.

    If you want, I can give you an invite to cargocollective, you could display it there when you're done. I think you should

  14. Someone I know bought one of those, so I thought, it looks good, maybe i should buy it!

    And obviously I am on a very tight budget. What's with the parts though? The bike that I had was about 30 years old and nothing ever broke in it.

  15. Hey!

    it's me wanting advice again!


    Is this a good bike?

  16. Thank you, it's a very good article.

    I love your userpic by the way!

  17. My close and dear friend happens to be my former tutor. When I imagine him having to deal with that sort of immaturity on a regular basis, it makes me feel so bad for him.
  18. You want feedback? Ok. The typography kills off the first impression. What is it, Arial? Helvetica? And it doesn't improve throughout the video either. In the end where it says 'Radiohead — Weird Fishes' there should either be no punctuation mark or an Em Dash, not a bloody hyphen. Flash is a terrible media to do animation in. The movements look unnatural + overly vectorised shapes look disturbing to human eye. The textures suck. The characters are drawn in the most boring manner imaginable. The little Greenwood cameo makes no sense. As far as the message goes, it's neither particularly exciting nor strong in delivery. A very average student animation. Also, re: your latest post, learn to spell. Ignoring commas and other punctuation marks is a sign of disrespect, and makes you look utterly ridiculous if you try to accuse your opponent in lack of education.
  19. 'Sillent Shout' by the Knife is perfect with it. I know which album I'll put on when the first spring rain comes.
  20. So I got there on time after all, even earlier than needed, in fact.


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