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  1. I am glad you like it and see something interesting in it

  2. a friend of mine say she would call it "Shadow tree" but i think it doesn't cover enough of what i see

  3. Ah yes, that was done on several layers of tracing paper, so the signing thing just escaped me.

  4. totally unbent, oui, and looking stunning in my living room, despite the lack of proper set up for now. i didn't notice a signature. is that something you don't do? i'm gonna tell people it's you, you know

  5. Yaaaaay! I am really glad! Did it reach you unbent?

  6. i got it! i got it! i got it!

    it's perfect

    thank you both :) you rock

  7. Hey Noggykins, can you PM me your address? Also, I think you sent me £5 too much

  8. Sex Fabregas has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "New comment from Sex Fabregas".

  9. Hey, no worries, I was in the middle of a LoL match and didn't even see it!

  10. i hope i didn't call you bitch by mistake at the wrong moment.. i hope you're well. you are next on my list of people to paypal in exchange of goods and services. I look forward to being able to seal the deal... take care, Olgstar.

  11. craniums are delicious

  12. It's okay VV, I just want you to feel happier <3

  13. hi im just here saying thankyou for hugs and support <3

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