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  1. So much going on in the background. This album has a very unique sound to it, that much I can tell. Some really excellent songs and some ok ones. Overall...time will tell.
  2. tried to download this but it made me fill out a survey, and then wouldn't let me download it...would really like to hear this, i heard bean pie blues on myspace and liked it quite a bit
  3. so i'm going to be doing this as a one man show at my college. i'm going to request a grant for the set and costumes. it's neil simon's the good doctor meets true west, the two plays i was assigned in my acting class... it's going to be pretty much the most awesome thing i ever attempt
  4. http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=16EC24094FCE7A09 LEAKED STUDIO SESSION FROM JULY GET IT HERE RADIOHEAD FANS
  5. No, it was entirely radiohead's decision.
  6. waters did say something about how pink floyd fiddled around with radios and were the first to do it. basically when waters was asked about radiohead all he could do was talk about himself.
  7. There There was around for a few years prior to HTTT though...
  8. Morrissey has gone on record hating radiohead?
  9. I've got a feeling Nude is going to be the new "best thing they've ever done".
  10. Radiohead are doing it in support of gay rights.
  11. Well Thom does go around praising aphex twin and he has gone on record saying he doesn't like radiohead. I suppose it's possible he just doesn't care.
  12. I'm definitely reading it like 'New Surburban'. Fucking SUV.
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